Arranged Love – Contest Winners

We ran the Arranged contest between January 25th 2013 and February 5th 2013, and received 7 entries via email and one via twitter. The following were the responses in chronological order –


The winners were selected by the author of the novel Arranged Love, Parul A Mittal.

We would like to congratulate the two winners –

Ankita Singh, 2nd year MBBS student, KMC Mangalore for her entry You are my Mr. Perfect – Dumbo! and

Shreyas K, a 3rd MBBS Student at  KMC,Mangalore for his entry Follow Your Heart

The author was very happy with the response to the contest and would like to thank all our participants.

We request the winners and all the participants to mail us their complete postal address and also their Mobile numbers (in case they’ve not done so) so that we can mail them their certificates and prizes.

Once again congratulations to the winners and thank you to all the participants!

We have many more exciting contests coming up soon.


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