Dear Diary: How do I know when someone is my Mr. Right? – Ananya Singh

Dear Diary,

Woah, I am such a confused person. It’s as if almost everyone is in a hurry to get into a relationship. Goodness, I swear I don’t understand it. I mean, how do I know when someone is my Mr. Right?

In the beginning of my teenage days, I remember giving my friends an extravagant description of Mr. Right. “He should have the 8 packs abs, the body of a WWE wrestler, should be a genius, and be “skilled” (Joey Tribbiani style).”

Just to realize that, I was “slightly” mistaken. While helping out my friends with relationships, I thought that they were a pain, way too complicated, and silly. Their reactions to the smallest thing seemed so silly to me. God knows how I gave them good advice; I had never been in a relationship.

All this while, I was away from the prospect of getting into a relationship, feeling miserable when I turned down the offer as I may I hurt somebody. That feeling is shit, diary. You should be glad you aren’t human at that time.. well besides that, human being and “being human” is pretty cool 😉

And then, I don’t know how it happened, what happened, I “fell” for someone. He was always running the background of my head. My subconscious mind had become retarded. That too for a person who was so completely different from..umm I don’t know. Just so different; from my imagination, from what I saw in him and what others saw in him.

So, coming to the point, when things meet, shit happens.

It’s a crazy ride and it is indeed different for everybody. It’s nothing and yet, there is a weird spark in the brain (hormones? :P)

I let my person go, and yet, we are confused. We are always confused 😛

But all we both know is that we love each other. Who knows if it’s the same love that one has for their Mr. Right but I can tell you one thing diary, if we end up together people will be shocked. An heart attack wave will follow.

But you know what this tells?

It tells me, NOTHING MATTERS (pun intended)

Its that. . .

I don’t know how to explain but. . .

So, I was saying. . .

I just. . . .

Argh. . this feeling. Experience. Classico.

Its all about the feeling, fun, loving and going with the flow (of your mind) and when trust is blended with it, it can get you higher than blender’s pride.


About the Author: Ananya Singh is a student at Manipal Institute of Technology, Manipal. This story is an entry for the Arranged Love – ManipalBlog writing contest.

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