You are my Mr. Perfect Dumbo..!! by Ankita Singh

Dear Heart,

“Please tell me who my prince charming is?? Who will be my “The one and only”, my love, my life, my Mr. Perfect??”

A question that almost each and every girl would have asked to herself one day or so. That one question that changes lives of so many pretty ladies. An uncertainty so as to she will get the answer early but the search goes on. It’s true that you can make hundreds of friends, thousands of colleagues but that man- the ruler of your heart will be the only one who can sweep away all your pain, make you feel like a princess.

Nevertheless, this story began with a friendship that was supposed not to cross its limits. But “o dear destiny, when will you tell people about their future?”

Year 2000

Pari- a simple but yet elegant, sweet but yet naughty, studious and much smart, the apple of her parents’ eyes, was an 8 years old Punjabi girl living at Jamnagar, Gujarat. The elder child in the family with a sister Mannu.

Joshua, a 10 years old Bengali boy, extremely talented, studious, the champion of sports, a karate kid, and the only son of his parents.

A world of sunshine. A world of flowers,

A thing of beauty and many things of desires….


Pari got shifted to an apartment where apparently Joshua lived. It was awkward for Pari to see strange people around at a new place. She decided to take a round of the park with other kids and try to make them her friends. On the way she saw a tall boy in half pants which seemed funny for her. She walked ahead but saw the same “half pant” boy staring at her from far away. She walked fast so that he couldn’t catch her any ways. But but but! Dear God, Why did you do this to her! Yes my friends, yes! Poor girl falls in the drains. Hearing the laughter of everyone around, she became sad, wanted to go back home as soon as possible. But couldn’t move her legs out of that filthy drain. Struggling hard to get out but failed and moreover none came to help her. Suddenly two thin legs appeared in front of her eyes. That was obviously unexpected, but at least a help! After they both tried to pull her out, she thanked that boy.

“Thank you half pant boy”, she giggled and ran away.

Days passed and she didn’t show up her face in the park again. But she always wanted to make friends. Watching everybody from her balcony, she heard the doorbell. She ran like a cheetah to the door and was surprised to see the half pant boy there.

“Hi, I am Joshua. Would you mind coming downstairs and play cricket with us?” Cricket! Is this boy mad?? Asking a girl for cricket! – Pari thought.

“Yes sure, why not.” What the hell you did Pari. You said yes to this half pant boy-Joshua!

“Who is there at the door Pari beta?” It was Pari’s mother Mrs. Singh- a beautiful woman in her early 30’s.

“Joshua! Aunty, from 4th floor. Came to ask Pari for cricket”.

How rude! Mom asked me na.Why did he answer?

“Yes why not. Go Pari, play”.

“Ok mom”.

“Hey Joshua, would you mind me calling you half pant” She giggles.

“Very funny Pari.”

“How many girls play cricket here?”

“Almost everyone.”

“Really! Amazing. But I don’t know much about cricket Josh.”

“Don’t worry Pari. I’ll tell you everything. Happy?”

“Yes. Thank you half pant!”

That day was the best day ever for Pari where she learned cricket as well as made many friends- Riya, Parag. This was the beginning of a great journey of these four friends who played, studied and enjoyed each and every moment with one another. Summer holidays were heaven for them. Cycling, jogging, morning walks, playing all day around were the only things they did. They even didn’t care about the scoldings of their parents.

My childhood, my days of leisure,

Ice-cream, cold drinks in the freezer.

Those days of swings and strings,

Beautiful flowers on the eve of springs..

They grew up together and promised not to leave anyone at any point of life. Just till one day when they realized that Riya has to move to Gwalior as her father got transferred. This was very shattering for Pari as she had never been close to friends this much. She became quiet and couldn’t regain her ever cheerful attitude again.

Joshua tried his level best to make Pari happy. It was 9.30 pm at night and Pari was sitting at the corner of the park when Joshua came near her. The moment she saw him, tears came rolling her eyes. She tightly hugged Joshua.

“Never leave me alone Josh. I can’t live without you.”

“Never Pari! And why do you think that we will leave you ever? We are best friends and best friends are meant to stay together forever. I promise I’ll never leave you.”

“You are the best Josh.” Pari became happy from that day onwards.

But the way she hugged Josh was breath-taking for him. Josh dreamt about that incident each night and started taking this in a different manner.

It was not fun for him anymore. When Pari got hurt, he felt the pain. When she smiled, it became heaven for him. In the other corner of his mind, he also thought it to as a stupidity.

He told his feeling to Parag which eventually got revealed in front of Pari.

“What! What are you talking about Parag?” She started laughing at that.

Josh felt a bit awkward at that reaction of her. But ironically, she felt very bad about the incident but didn’t share her feelings with anyone.

He would have killed himself if Pari would have become angry at him at that time. But this didn’t happen purposedly.

Instead the next day Pari announced that she would be moving to Raigarh. The way she felt when Riya moved was not the same as this. Pari left after a month without meeting Josh.

Josh felt that Pari had changed a lot. She didn’t even bother much about friends now; neither gave a call after she left Jamnagar. The friendship of 6 years meant nothing for her now. Sometimes Josh felt himself responsible for Pari’s this ignorant attitude. At some point of time, he felt like searching her and apologizing; at times got scared of the fact that she would have broken their friendship that day.

Sitting beside a window pane

Looking out in the night so plain

Outside dark and a shiny space

I want a corner and a lonely place……

Year 2008

“Hope I get through this entrance. Pari will be very happy after listening this great news.” Josh became sad. Realisation is a bitch!

“Congrats Josh! Party party. Bro you got 514 rank all over India in IIT entrance man! Hats off!” This was Parag who also had recently cracked the CA examination.

“Do not think about Pari anymore. Move ahead in life man! In the college you will find hundreds of sexy beauties.”

“You moron Paro!” They laughed at this and went out for the party. After all he had darted on the bull’s eyes! The IIT entrance- not everyone’s cup of tea.

Having chosen his favourite branch EEE, he was very happy and made wonderful friends at college. There was a girl in his class whom he liked very much. Eventually they became friends at a common friend’s party. Numbers got exchanged, the series of SMS’s, the sleepless nights on phone, the chatterbox at the canteen; their love story was about to begin.

“How should I propose her yaar Parag? I am scared.”

“Don’t worry Josh you can do it. Take her out someday for a dinner at any romantic place, give away her favourite flowers, begin with light talks and then say whatever you want.”

“You are such a life saver Paro. Thanks!”

“Saale dost ko thanks bolta hai. Party jab ghar aayga.”

“Ok kamine. Bbye.”

It took almost half an year for Josh to figure out the perfect day and the perfect restaurant. 14th February, 2009- the day when he was going to propose. He was getting ready for the night, when his mobile rang.

Unknown number. He didn’t pick up. Again the same call.

“Hello! Who is this?”

“Josh, it’s me”

“Who me? Don’t you have any name ma’am?”

“Oye half pant, forgot me?”

“What! Pari, Is that you? I can’t believe you called.”

“Han han bade log. Why didn’t you call any time after I left?”

“I didn’t have your number dear. But hey! You also didn’t call anyways. You had my number right?”

“At least I gave a damn to search your number and call you now.”

“Leave all that, tell me how are you? Where are you? What you been doing these days?”

“Ya. We have shifted back to Jamnagar last month. I am waiting for my entrance result. Have cracked two in a row but this one’s really important and one of the top 10 in India.”


“No yaar. Medical entrance. I had taken biology in 12th right.”

“Wow an upcoming Dr. friend of mine. Free check-up han.”

And stomach full of talks. They went on and on for hours.

“Half pant, it’s been two hours we have been talking. Don’t you realize?”

“That’s fine. I don’t have anything important. O holy shit!”

“What happened?”

“I had a date with a girl now and its 10.30 already. What should I say to that girl now?”

“What! A date and you! Lol! Who is that poor girl Josh?”

“Shut up! She is very nice and I was going to propose her today. All my plans in hell now.”

“Don’t worry Josh. Call her and say sorry. She will understand.”

“Ok Pari. I’ll. And do call me when your result comes.”

“Sure, Bye. Happy valentine’s day.”

“Bye Pari. Same to you.”

And there’s life full of drama, full of emotions,

Each moment has miles to go with clarifications,

Doubts, dilemma, sorrow for a while,

When I am alone, I think where’s my smile?

Deleterious effect created by my present,

I am confused for what had happened……

Oh my god! She wished me ‘Valentines love’. I can’t believe my ears. The bell of his heart started ringing loud enough to make him forget the world as well as his date. This was Pari after all. He always wanted her back into his life. The episode of being away had gone. He also ended the so called date with his batchmate. He started finding ways to talk to Pari but couldn’t find courage to do so. He was afraid that if something goes wrong this time he would never forgive himself at all. He waited days for Pari’s call or message but it never came in the next 2 months. So he decided to call her on her birthday 24th may.

Happy birthday Pari!”

“Sorry! Who is this?”

“Josh yaar!”

“I don’t know any Josh.”

Why the hell she is talking to me like that. Is she angry at me about that childhood incident? All sorts of weirdness came to his mind. He heard someone laughing from the background.

“What’s going on there? May I talk to Pari please?”

“Yes yes sure. By the way I am Pari’s friend Shikha. And sorry to scare you like that.”

“No that’s fine.”

“Hie Josh. How are you?”

“You stupid girl. You both really scared me a bit. Any ways Happy birthday.” “Thank you so much. Hopefully you remembered han?”

“Obviously yaar. How can I forget that? Why didn’t you call me in the meanwhile?”

“I was waiting for your call crack head. And one more thing I cracked that entrance and way busy in admission process those days, that being one more reason of not calling you.”

“Congratulations and celebrations. When’s my party?”

“When are you coming to the city next? Then we will go out someday and call Parag also if possible.”

“I will be coming next month I guess, after my semesters.”

“Ok then cyaa. Anyways I will be leaving for college in july, so you have to come to see me beforehand.”

“Ok Pari dear, see you at home. Bye!”

“Bye my dear half pant.”

Huhh! What a relief on Joshua’s face. I hope she doesn’t mind me calling her late night. No no I shouldn’t do this.

In the era of facebook and twitter, the friend request was sent and accepted within an hour. And the chatting hour started at 11p.m. The gossip about their personal life, their likes-dislikes, their future plans etc etc. Each day was new for Josh, new excitement, new energy and the eagerness to talk to Pari-her love. He wanted to ask Pari what she felt about him but couldn’t do ever. Whatever happened between them was so spontaneous and both of them enjoyed each other’s company.

The day came when Josh had to go back home and he was more enthusiastic as he would meet her. This was so going to be true for him that he planned to propose her this time.

They decided to meet at her home. He came well dressed with lots of presents with him. At one knock itself, Pari opened the door with a big smile. Wow! Josh thought. How heavenly she looks, so beautiful, so pure, what a depth in her eyes just as her name!

Peace of mind, peace of soul

I see you so calm and that is all

Looked around to the undefined end

And it’s the beginning, not the end

Never was it, the way it should

I can make it large, far too good

It’s you who makes my day

Coz I know you are my only way..

“Hey Josh! You are so tall! Look at you man, such a gentleman! Welcome in. But where’s Parag? Didn’t he come?”

“Hie Pari. Parag is not there in town it seems. Will be coming next month I guess.”

They talked for hours and he left without asking her out.

Every other time she met him, there was something or the other which Josh did to impress her. He sent her every possible gesture so that she understands his deep feelings.

One day on chat Pari asked Joshua to share his feelings.

“Tell Josh, who is that, someone special in your life?”

“Yes Pari. Someone really close to my heart.”

“Then go ahead and tell her your feelings man. She will definitely undertand”

“O really! Do you think so? What if she rejects me?” “She will not, trust me.” “I am totally blank. I’ll not tell her. Leave it Pari. I think it’s too early to tell her my feelings.”

“Don’t be a fool. You waited for her so long- 10 years is something, a decade. You are totally gone case. I say- ‘YES’ ‘YES’ ‘YES’ I LOVE YOU TOO JOSH!”

“What! How did you come to know?”

“Your eyes say what your lips can’t ever. The way you protect me every time is incredible for me. I have seen many boys who try to flirt with me, love just my face. But you are not one of them. You have known me for years and have never tried to boss on me. You make me feel special Josh. I don’t talk to boys much but my heart always wants to talk to you more and more. You know in and out everything about me. Not only as a best friend but you mean everything to me. You are the Mr. Perfect. You promised me that you’ll never leave me alone and never make me sad. So what about that?”

“Never Pari, never. I love you very much. I want to spend my whole life with you. I want to hug you so tightly and make mine forever.”

Pari had tears in her eyes.

“You were always meant for me Pari. From the childhood itself I saw dreams living with you. That was foolishness I know. But that innocence turned into love- how, when; I don’t know at all.”

“You are the one for me- the only one. I never thought someone would love me this much.”

“Can I hug you next time we meet?”

“I will slap if you don’t do. You are such a dumbo.” And she started crying even more.

“Please don’t cry my love. I can’t see you crying. I have prayed for you not to see you sad but to make you as happy as you would never have imagined.”

“It’s because I am so happy, stupid.”

“I’ll kiss you if you do like this. You look so cute when your cheeks get red shweetie.” Josh laughed.

“And I would beat you, if you do that. I haven’t forgotten your fancy childhood love story.” Pari giggled.

A Kiss forever

Love and what not,

Day so bright, Slow and hot

Under the eucalyptus tree

Seeing around and mind so free

I am with you holding your hand

Knowing you would never leave me alone

Heart beating faster and faster

As it never did before

Two inches distance away

I heard your beats as it sway

Dreamt of this moment

My prince charming, you the one,

For me, in me, around me

Treats me like your princess,

Love, romance; sweet and salty

Taste and essence and this purity

You came closer and I stepped aside,

Head thumping, cheeks gone red

I saw your cute smile

A generous hold of me

Time passed so slow today

Seashore, sand and the creatures

All seem happy for us,

A touch of you make my days and nights

A care in your eyes,

Left myself free for you,

No cries, no worries,

Feels so good, I am for you forever

Take me on a fairy ride,

Happy forever to be with you

The day was epic

I had my first kiss forever…. 🙂

About the Author: This is a guest post by Ankita Singh a 2nd year MBBS student at Kasturba Medical College, Mangalore.  This article is an entry for the Arranged Love – ManipalBlog writing contest.


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