Love…Such a beautiful, magical word – Nikita Mascarenhas

They say it takes an instant to fall in love but how do we realize that are we falling in love with the right person???? Or will I still be in love with my partner or will it gradually fade   away??? These unanswered questions give us all sleepless nights.

So here’s me giving you all pointers on to how be assured that your partner is the most compatible soul for you in this entire world or he/she is your Mr/Miss Right…

1- Don’t keep high expectations..

if you keep realistic expectations from your partner, you will never be disheartened or disappointed by them following  which you will not question your love for your Mr /Ms Right, So be realistic..

your Mr Right need not be a knight in shining armor.. but can be a simple boy/girl asking you to love him/her.

2-  I believe in the law that “OPPOSITES ATTRACT”-

so  all you introverts out there according to this law, your Mr/Ms Right will be the best extrovert in the world..

I know I can’t be very certain about it but my parents stand as a perfect example to this law, considering I am a big ,big extrovert, I am positive my Mr Right will be the most calmest and reserved guy I’ve possibly met..

3-  Moving on to qualities you know that person is the best suited for you or is your Mr/Miss Right when you feel a sense of security when you are with them, when you can tell them about your day and they readily listen to all the minute details, AND MOST IMPORTANTLY THEY FORGIVE   you quickly cause they realize the importance of you and for them their ego is worthless..

4- They make you experience a feeling which people say cannot be expressed in words only the fortunate ones like Romeo and Juliet could experience that kind of love…

A love which awakens your heart and soul,
Which  makes you crave for more,
Which makes you do strange things..
and above all which makes you entirely dependent on your partner that you begin to feel life without your partner is difficult and sometimes impossible….

5- I strongly believe if one is a diehard romantic (like me) then your Mr/Ms Right will give you the honor and privilege of experiencing this love which we have read about or  even seen in the movies.

6- I know one thing for sure- Mr Right/Miss Right is a bit  over rated

No one is born perfect.. We need to accept individuals with all their short comings and help them grow so that we create a better life for us…both should be considered equal or else the balance of the relationship is disrupted!

Love in its own way mesmerized you and you know for sure when you blush looking at him/her..
When you have butterflies in your stomach when someone calls his/her name,
Your heart beat races with every step they take closer to you,
That’s your heart actually telling you—you have found the one.. The perfect one…. The RIGHT one!!!

About the Author: This is a guest post by Nikita Mascarenhas a 3rd year Bachelor of Physiotherapy student at Manipal College of Allied Health Sciences, Manipal.  This article is an entry for the Arranged Love – ManipalBlog writing contest.

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