Love is a magic without any logic – Ojaswini Srivastava

Love is a magic without any logic”, so the first thing is, he has to be undemanding and unreasoning. When the guy starts asking me reasons behind whatever I do, whatever I ask for, what ever I feel I guess that it is the indication of insecurity, distrust and too much of a practical approach. True love is necessarily unquestioning. If your partner asks you something, give it, fulfill it, and believe it is for a reason.

But here comes the second criteria of identifying my Mr. Right. He will never ask me compromise my identity for his sake. He will respect my opinion, and give me full opportunity to express my views, and always be unbiased and ready to accept my viewpoint.

Another thing would be of course if he wants me, or my body. This perhaps many people would think should be the first stage, but I see it as the third for two reasons. Firstly, because until we start understanding and respecting each other I can’t really think about love. And secondly, there is certainly a physical desire when I talk of a romantic relationship, it can’t be platonic of course. But I must know if the person will love me, even when for some reason, I can’t satisfy him physically, or if there is a difference between our aspirations. A girl generally keeps up a limit of getting physically involved with a guy until she is cent percent sure of the guy, of her feelings, she has her parent’s approval for him and she is married to him. And my Mr. Right should definitely understand it and never force me for anything that is beyond my comfort zone.

Lastly, I guess it will be his maturity. A guy is the masculine, dominant, care taking figure. He must be mature enough, in all respects. He needs to not only understand and admire me and my opinions but also be capable of taking care of me and my future. I read somewhere, ‘when a guy falls in love, he starts taking his own life seriously’. This I think is also very much needed in my Mr. right , if he is really serious for me, i.e. he plans to marry me, he plans a life with me, he certainly will start working for it. He will see me as his responsibility, and start working to shape up his life, to fulfill that responsibility to the best of his abilities.

(But all this very importantly should I expect from him provided, I am too living up to the same expectations for him. Since, only then can it be a perfect relationship. And only when I too am being his ideal girl, will he be my ideal guy. )

About the Author: This is a guest post by Ojaswini Srivastava a Student at Delhi University.  This article is an entry for the Arranged Love – ManipalBlog writing contest.


  1. There is nothing like perfect relationship or perfect person. If you are looking for love, true love, then you must embrace imperfectness. And, my dear friend, there are very few who are gifted with love. You can choose the person you want to marry, but I don’t think you will have any time to choose the person you love. You will fall for it, no matter how dirt there is.

    And your wish list is kinda typical gal’s mindset. Look around, every third girl will have the same LPL (Lover specification list)! (It appears to me, like someone is acquiring a new system).

  2. Oops… a googly!
    Love isn’t love when it’s self oriented… if someone loves you ,he’ll surely take good care of you!
    Love *it just happens* and when it happens….you won’t be waitin n watchin if he’s the Mr …right or wrong ..
    In your case Mr right is someone who earns a hefty 1.5 lakhs a month ?????
    Every girl wants her future secured????and fall in love or get married????
    Can’t imagine my mom gettin married to my dad…..when he had nothing!
    Love is directly proportional to Adjust
    Finding Mr. right will be too complicated in this case………..:))
    It would be worth becoming ….a Mr or miss right for someone you……..

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