An Ode to the Avengers

Iron Man had a Malfunctioning heart, The Hulk tore his own life apart. Captain America watched his best friend die, Black Widow killed innocents without knowing why. Thor lost everyone he loved one by one, Scarlet Witch did things that


Movie Review: Kedarnath

Kedarnath – built around the Uttarakhand floods of 2013 is exceptionally rich in the aesthetics of the location. It is a movie that draws attention to a lot of social evils without essentially trying to stir a revolution in response


Encouraging Excellence – Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence at MAHE

MAHE played host to the European Union’s Ambassador to India, His Excellency Mr Tomasz Kozlowski as a part of its #EUDay Celebrations. The Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence was also inaugurated and an interaction with the CBHE Delegates, the Press, and the Students followed with great emphasis on Educational, Economic, and Socio Cultural Exchange between India and the European Union Member States in the two day affair.

Home Business

How to find a job online

The virtual world is definitely a great boon to the mind kind. But, it also has its share of difficulties and problems. With more and more companies, individuals and organizations want to be part of this big industry the competition