Slave to time.

My Thoughts on Time

Why are we always in a hurry and why are we always late? We move through are formulaic lives day after day devoting time to specific activities but we never consider external factors such as delays, emergencies and at times

The mind

Mental Health and College

After years of slogging in school, college is a new and exciting experience for all. Along with the responsibilities comes a taste of freedom and independence, especially when you move away from home. For most of us it helps in


Swim or Sink

I visited the swimming pool the other day. I saw many kids getting swim lessons and was following a 7 year old kids progress. He learned how to tread water. Then the instructor told him to dive in and start


Gorgeous beaches in Karnataka

Are you planning a beach holiday in Karnataka? With the Arabian Sea to its west, this state has a long coastline of 320km dotted by some of the best beaches in India. Whether you’re an adventure seeker, foodie or nature