Kola – The Manifestation of Self – Play Review

Veteran actor and director Achyuta Kumar’s Kola follows the Deshpande family elationships, aspirations, joys, sorrows, anger, insecurity and other human emotions which people of all age groups will be able to connect to in a tale of 2 generations and upbringings clashing with each other throwing light on the lives of young people who live away from home but prefer to stay connected to their roots.


6 ways to the Perfect Vacation

Most of us look forward to our dream vacation. Some prefer exotic destinations like Bahamas, Miami, Maldives, others frequent their favourite hill station or beaches, while some of us just stay home, chill out and relax. An increasing trend is

Fashion and Beauty

Makeup For Redheads

What are some great makeup tips for those of us with red hair? My only rule for redheads is, toss out the green eye-shadow. Whether you have fair skin or dark, green shades don’t look nearly as flattering as a

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Employed as a Writer

Internet connectivity has been used to coordinate data transmission and other communication processes. Numerous activities can now be done using online connections which brings about certain conveniences for the user. But do you know that you can now actually work