Dudhsagar Falls, Goa – A Dream

I feel glad and completely enthralled to have a job that sends me to the best places in the country. One such trip that I made last month was to the Dudhsagar falls. Situated in the state of Goa, these falls as per my experience are by far one of the most beautiful waterfalls in the western India. This was one of those trips that gave me an experience that I will cherish throughout my life. Although when you visit Goa, you hardly think of anything else other than the churches, beaches, nightlife and the parties. But trust me you should add up the Dudhsagar falls as well in your list of places to visit in while visiting Goa.

Dudhsagar waterfalls, Goa

As per the statistics, this is the fifth highest waterfall in India and falls from an enduring height of 1020 ft. If you are travelling somewhere around the monsoons just as I got a chance to, I must tell you that this place is splendid.Dudh sagar falls


When I was travelling to Dudhsagar falls in a Bangalore to Goa cab, I thought this would be some normal waterfall but I was completely mistaken when I saw the fall. Located in the sangeum of south Goa, this place is completely captivated. The lush greenery of the tropical forests all around it makes it even more beautiful. Since it is located on the Goa Karnataka border, it would be a perfect weekend getaway.

Dudhsagar Falls

When the Dudhsagar falls from a height of around a 1000 ft, the water falling below looks simply as white as milk. Due to this view, the fall got its name as Dudhsagar falls, dudh a Hindi word that means milk. With the speed and power that the water falls down, it resembles to the foam of milk. If you think this is story that is associated with the fall, I should tell you that it is not the only thing. While talking to the locales, I heard an interesting story about the fall, which I thought, is worth sharing. It is believed that a princess chose this place to take bath in hot summers and one day to prevent a prince from watching her in this state; she used a jug full of milk to create a type of curtain. It is believed that ever since that day, the Dudhsagar fall continues to fall at that place and represents a sign of how the modesty of the princess was taken care of that day.

With all the exploration that this place is witnessing, you can opt for trekking as well in this area. On a close proximity and direct travel routes that you will get from Bangalore to Goa, the next time you plan a trip to Goa and hire a taxi, make sure you keep an extra day just to visit the glorious Dudhsagar falls. Also with all the luxurious resorts and spa located in the nearby areas, you would not want anything else to make this trip luxurious.

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