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Movie Review: The Lion King

The original is one of my favourite films of all time, and there was a lot of expectation riding on this one. The fact that this is historic across many respects added only to the expectations and the film delivered. Although it hasn’t taken too many liberties with the story playing fast and loose with audience emotions, a near-perfect film doesn’t need much tampering to begin with. A fun watch and an introduction to Pride Rock for a whole new generation of fans!


Making Life More Meaningful – Synergy 2019

The Leadership Summit of the Volunteer Services Organization, Synergy 2019 saw the two Chapters of Manipal and Mangalore come together to discuss, deliberate and explore leadership through the various activities that it had been doing over the years. But for Shreyanshi Gupta, from KMC Mangalore, it was more than that. Here’s what she had to say!