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truck driving

So, do you want to be a Truck Driver? Most people who haven’t really thought about it tend to get surprised by the interesting and lucrative career opportunities that truck drivers can have. Of course, like any other profession, it is not everybody’s cup of tea. This post is an attempt to disseminate some basic information on truck driving careers.

There are several good reasons why someone would want to become a truck driver. One of the main reasons of course, for becoming a truck driver, is the pay. There are not many professions where you can expect to average about $45,000 the first year on the job and already after a couple of years of becoming a truck driver most drivers’ average somewhere around $65,000-70,000 annually. Experienced drivers who later on decide to get their own truck can bring in yearly salaries of around $200,000.

There are many truck driver jobs available these days and some estimates suggest that the country is short of around 50,000 truckers every year! Forward Air trucking needs truckers for jobs across the USA and provides great health and insurance benefits for its truckers!

Another thing that appeals to many, is the friendship and closeness among truckers. Constantly being on the road lets you meet many other truck drivers and after years on the roads, the bonds you will have formed with other truckers are priceless. These are men and women who understand the importance of what you are doing; they know the pros and cons that come with the job. They are willing to share valuable information to help make your job easier and on lonely nights all you have to do is hail them on your radio.

How about being able to explore this great country of ours? Traveling and being able to see other cities and states is just another plus in becoming a truck driver. You will be able to see everything between the Atlantic and the Pacific, the Gulf of Mexico to the Great Lakes. Who can ask for more? If you have never experienced anywhere else but your own state and have been bit by the traveling bug, becoming a truck driver will allow you to experience all the great places in this country.

Aside from all the great things you will experience if becoming a truck driver you should realize that this is not an easy job. You will be away from home a lot and if you have a family this is sometimes very hard and although there are truck driver jobs where you can be home every night or every weekend, these do not pay as well as long-distance driving. The job can also be both stressful and boring, driving hours on end in order to make a delivery or pick up on time.

If you still would like to become a truck driver the first thing you will have to do is enroll in truck driving school in order to get your training and your CDL license. Great truck driver schools are located all over the country so finding one should not be too hard. From there on it will not take long before you find yourself as a truck driver on one of America’s highways.

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