Are You Sick Of Being Single And Desperately Want A Relationship?

There are two types of self-love ~ Ego-based and Spirit-based

One of the most common lines heard from teenagers who are single are “I am sick of being single” and “I want a boyfriend/girlfriend”. If you have never realized then this is one of the most dangerous disease that can ever strike a teen. This is completely related to the previous article I wrote – ‘Obsessed With Love & Dating?” If you are so unhappy of being single that you feel sick, you are bound to get obsessed with love and dating very soon.

Getting your first boyfriend or Girlfriend is one of the most exciting times when your that young. It’s a different feeling that probably some of you have never felt before.

The ironic thing is, that the more time you spend, worrying about the fact that you are single, the harder it is to attract someone to date!! The more you focus on having a good time, enjoying your life and being caught up in things that make you happy and keep you busy the more attractive you are to that hot girl or guy!

As Manipal Blog had shared that how your obsession can lead to a disaster, because you actually become blind to a fact called “True Love and Relationship” and would do anything to enter into a relationship to give yourself a fake satisfaction. Most of these cases arises due to that you are single and your friends have their love partners and from above it looks they are happy in their relationships or the fact that you are lonely and need a partner with whom you can share your feelings, kiss someone or make love with. As we have seen that 80% of such cases leads to bad relationships which initially makes you happy but later gives you a lot of troubles and problems. None of the teenagers realize this now but when they face their set of problems, they just don’t know what to do.

Manipal Monk suggests you to think more in a positive way rather getting all upset over the fact of being single. Have you ever realized that your state is better than those who commit such mistakes and enter into a wrong relationship and face problems? I am sure that there would be at least one of friends that is not happy. When the time is right, you will definitely find a partner and will be very happy. You will also completely forget the unhappy days and will laugh at the fact that how sad you were. At least this saves you from making a mistake in choosing your partner. Prevention is always better than cure. Everyone has to face all phases of life, if today you are unhappy, tomorrow you will be happy. It’s just how you look at them, if today you cannot face the sad days then you don’t deserve to be happy ever. Manipal Monk would suggest you again to not cry over the fact of being single but be proud of it and wait for the right time.

You have your entire life not to be single. I mean you have marriage and all that other stuff, which if your lucky lasts around 40-50 years.

So why do you wanna get started so early anyways. This is like the only time in your life where there is pretty much nothing to worry about!! Enjoy it!! Love it!!! and you’ll find that that someone special will be just around the corner!

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