What Jewelry Is Appropriate for a Black Dress

Black dresses are such versatile choices when it comes to clothing that their timeless status comes as no surprise: being able to suit any body type and fashion style, they become a valuable addition to any woman’s wardrobe.

The fact that they come with a wide array of options is the icing on the cake; black dresses can be paired with almost any type of jewelry, making those pieces stand out as few other outfits can. While choosing the best accessory can be overwhelming at first, these recommendations are guaranteed to enhance your look in ways that are sure to be noticed.black-dress-accessories

Formal occasions

Black dresses may be versatile, but you still need to wear the right accessories for the occasion – you don’t want to feel out of place due to an unfortunate combination.

Gold and silver jewelry from www.adinaeden.com are the most recommended for formal events, as they bring a classic and elegant look that is sure to be appreciated in such situations. However, Pearl necklaces and earrings, stylish bracelets, and a tungsten ring can add up to a timeless look as well – with any of these choices, it is essential to know that finesse is often better suited than opulence. Granted, bright and daring gems can also work, but you must be aware of the freedom the event gives; if unsure, stick to the classic approach.

Casual occasions

Casual occasions allow you to be more daring and playful in your approach. The pieces of jewelry with brightly colored gemstones are trendy for the purpose; large dangling earrings and bangles are equally fun and comfortable. If you really want to be noticed, a striking cocktail ring is perfect for the opportunity.

Other factors to consider with a Black Dress

Neckline type

Unsurprisingly, the neckline can limit your choices of jewelry. Long, slim necklaces are ideal for simple and elegant dresses with turtlenecks – if the neckline has a fancier design, you can choose larger jewelry pieces.

Deep V-necklines generally demand a long pendant, station, or chain necklace. For a perfect look, ensure your chain is shorter or longer than the neckline. Strapless dresses allow you to emphasize your neck and shoulders with flashy short necklaces such as chokers and long, eye-catching chandelier earrings. These areas will have plenty of room to play with, so make sure you take advantage of this.

Body type

Your body type is another aspect that should play a part in your choice of jewelry. Choose something that naturally fits your physical traits. For example, if you have a small frame, some types of large necklaces will simply not help your look. On the other hand, curvy types can easily use large pieces yet not benefit so much from those of a smaller size. Experiment until you find what is perfect for you.

With all the fashion trends that come and go, black dresses have managed to remain a staple in women’s wardrobes over the years. Learning how to accessorize them will allow you to stand out on any occasion.

About the Author: Elena is a fashion design student and likes experimenting with her outfits just as much as she enjoys analyzing outfits and what makes them look perfect. Her dream is to see her elegant, creative approaches represented on the world’s biggest stages.

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