The river ‘Cauvery’ is known as ‘the ganges’ of south India.Even distribution of water among the states through which this 1200 km long river passes , has been a matter of great controversy among them.Least interested in political aspects, we went to see the origin of this holy river in ‘the Nilgiri’ hills, the place which is known as ‘thalacauvery’ , about 125 km away from ‘madikkeri’ and about 4000 thousand feet higher than sea level.

According to tradition, visitors are sprinkled with the holy water after they clean themselves by dipping into the pool created in front of it.I tell you, one really needs guts to dip into that water at that low temperature!!We didn’t have so we kept ourselves satisfied with leg wetting only!On the right border of the following snap, small sculpture is appreciated and just in front of that is small space containing holy water of cauvery.


Extremely sober a temple than I imagined


The stairs beside the temple leads to a landscape which is probably the highest point of that part of ‘the Nilgiri’.I was excited imagining the view from that landscape when we reach there


And the view really met my expectations.It was just amazingly good to see the earth being in the cloud for me as till date it was other way round-seeing clouds from the earth.I am gonna upload some more snaps in the next post


Again on the landscape we found a small collection of water being respected by people coming there so my supposition says that it must be the starting point of the ‘Cauvery’



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