What is Life ?

Manipal Centre for Philosophy and HumanitiesAah…what is life ? The one who understands this question or is able to answer it is according to me a champion. There was quite a consequential no. of people who were “champions” in the departed time but the upper limit of that group has really shrunk in this generation.

Life according to me is the most dynamic force in the universe which at times can be as agreeable as you would like it to be and at other times as devastating as one could have never imagined it to be.

Its true we can not control our lives all the way but we can certainly make it commanding enough to allow us to live a graceful one. Success is not the soul and cardinal motive to lead a life, its rather happiness which should be.Former may or may not bring you the latter but the latter is always potent enough to do so. The main theme lies how you choose to define success in your life.

The ways according to me to head a happy life is struggle and never expiring learning.For struggle one must have the will power to achieve anything which I think is the greatest quality any human can possess. Will power further forms the genesis of self control and patience. With these three qualities mastered hardworking automatically is induced into one’s persona.And with these four mannerisms the half of the battle is won. The next half is all mental and does not require one to be an all mavin in that field. It all depends on your approach and attitude towards life.Everything you do gets paid in life whether good or bad and its not the case that reward comes at the end of that very action but the whole life is the system where rewards can come at any point and in any form. So its better to be careful in every little thing you do and give importance to even the smallest of the things in life. This can be done by rearing an attitude of perpetual learning. It keeps one in synchronization with the minutest happenings in the world and toughens one mentally.It may also happen to be that you do not achieve what you are entitled to in between your efforts but you should not feel daunted as it may be a test of your will power, self control, patience and this is the point where your mental strength comes to a show.

Many may argue that with all those mentioned above life will be all boring and will have no place for fun as there is one life and we must celebrate it with freedom but I would love to stress that being a slave to your desires and temptations can never be termed as any form of freedom and will further love to ensure that living life with ethics and honesty will exhibit you to the finest sort of freedom.

Signing off with optimism. A huge thanks for a patience reading.

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