Heaven in Hell

Torn Between Heaven and Hell by golfiscool

Emotions were trying to break the dam and overflow but alas again I failed to express. Today’s world is a hub of showtime. The better you advertise ,the more you are in profit. Doesn’t matter how is the quality of your product.

I am a product with a dull wrapping ,with a weak advertisement budget ,with a gloomy effect on customer. Once a customer used me and jumped high with happiness ,what a product –extraordinary, amazing, ultimate. But that customer was  the producer himself. Again my emotions were caged to the dull packing. I tried to show my true colours to this globe but everyone were interested in the coverings. They make my pre-image. I am still waiting for myself to be re-invented. But how?

Should I change myself according to the world or wait for the sand to force the time to show my true image over the canvas of the greatest minds of this world. I opted for the tough decision of second choice. My waiting went on increasing like anything.  Finally the time came . My covering was removed by a person with irritating looks, sad smile, confused mind and helpless hand. I was happy. I got what I was longing for.

But the person was showing me the right place to wait for. I was a gloomy patch on his sight. I was the mark which he removed to get the image. I was thrown to the dustbin. I thought perhaps I went with a wrong choice. I should have gone with my first option. But then what would be the scenario. I would have lost my identity, new coverings which never suits me,new customers who don’t know my value, new showroom where my companions only look like me but are entirely different from me. Because at my heart would still be the same. This was a nightmare. My hell seems to be my heaven now when I picturized the heaven which came to be my hell.

I am fine here in dustbin ,thinking about my faults. My producer’s fault or mine?Actually neither of us are guilty. Some products are meant to improve the quality of dustbin . I am one of those lucky fellows. Now I realise my wait was a waste, time never comes according to you, you will have have to  move according to time, if you can.

But in my case ,my movement with time is a punishment because it kills my soul. What can I do without my soul ,my mind is still searching for the answers and the cause of my stay here ,right here in this heaven named –dustbin.


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