Grains of sand in my open hand

The Change That is life

Fall faster than I can move
Vines and flowers grow around my ankles
Only to die before I can pick them
My only companions are the birds
And even they fly away when the times
My eyes seem blind to the simple observer,
But I can see more than what they’ll see in
a lifetime
I will never age or lose my figure
As I was the same the day i was born;
But my skin is eaten away
Each time the wind blows and the rain falls.
So many have admired and visited me
From their childhood to the last days of
their life,

The expression on my face is that of joy,
But all I feel is cold and loneliness inside.
I would trade my immortality
For even all the tears and pain of everybody
If only I had blood instead of marble,
I would step down from this block.
Life flashes by in vivid colours,
Only if your eyes are wide open.
Regret only things you didn’t do,
You can’t change what you’ve already done.
Enjoy youth before it withers away,
Like the petals from the freshest flowers
Pick yourself up when you fall,
Before you cant get up anymore.
Don’t let things happen to you,
Make it happen yourself.
Don’t let love slip through your fingers,
It’s not hard to hold on if you try
Act out your dreams as much as you can,
It can only make your life better.
Don’t be afraid of death,
It means you made your mark in the world.
Though your skin may wrinkle,
The light in your eyes will not fade.
So keep on living life
The way that life was made.


  1. @Sreyoshi: Thank you. I guess you need to see me more clearly. Jolly is the last thing that comes to my mind when I look at myself in the mirror 😛

    @Anonymous: Thank you. Please do leave behind your name next time. It helps if there is a face at which I am talking to 🙂

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