Cheap Thrills – Choice tips for the Hitchhiker

Travel at zero cost
Hitch-hiking is fun !
Hitch-hiking for the low budget-traveler.

Here’s a few tips from an occasional hiker. I’m no pro at it, like a few others I have known, but I could call myself an amateur hiker if you ever cared to weigh it like a skill.

Fairly the number one need to even receive a slight glance from the motorist is to look presentable. Now, I’m not asking you to look all glam and sexy. But to be dressed decently, if not well, comes out as the major determinant if you are about to be relieved from your long walk or not.

Hitch-hike your way

If you can speak the local tongue, then life is easier for you and your prospective-driver for the short or long ride ahead. There is a certain soft-corner that you can kindle if you are able to strike up a conversation with the motorist, which will most probably fetch you a ride. Keep in mind not to get yourself too comfortable and blurt out your personal details. Always keep a polite boundary that does not hurt your helper’s conscious.

Now, I should warn you about your safety. Not everyone on the road is keen on giving you a lift to help you out; you never know of some hidden intentions they might be harboring. So I’d advice you to trust your gut feeling and proceed.

Since we are dealing with strangers here, it is recommended best not to get dropped close to where you live.

The art of hitch-hiking

It is always a smarter option to get down a little further away from home or whatever your destination may be. This is for obvious reasons, to avoid attracting unnecessary attention towards your personal details.

In most scenarios, it just requires an adventurous nerve to extend out your arm with a thumb pointing to the direction of your journey. Don’t hesitate or feel ashamed, it is just like asking for a lending hand.

You just got to stay safe out there and wear a sporting smile to hitch your way to your destination.

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