The Hippocratic Oath

5th March, 2011 is a day that will be etched in memory for so many reasons. It was our College Day / Graduation / Awards Ceremony. Parents came by to Manipal for the first time. Even though I swore I would never bring them here for well personal reasons.

DSC 2525Nonetheless, back to the point. We got there, had to wear these ridiculous colored banners type things on us with the college name an graduate written on it. Not really an issue per say, but seriously get a better color. The march past when you KNOW that EVERYONE in the audience is looking at you, or someone next to you. Feels bloody awesome actually.

Getting awards, the final scroll all a part of the day. All makes us feel “yes we made it!” and “it’s about darn time!”. nothing I feel compares to taking the Hippocratic Oath. The final solemn vow taken by all in the medical profession to practice with a set of ethical guidelines. Binding the physician with his colleagues and the alma mater with loyalty. Promising to uphold the traditions and secrets of medicine while vowing the ensure you treat your patients with respect, secrecy and to the best of your ability and most of all recognizing the limits of your abilities and only treating according to those.

It’s a proud moment. It’s the final culmination of the medical school. It’s the lines you can’t wait to recite but know you can’t till you deserve it. You know that when you raise your right hand and face it forward and recite, you’ve now officially become a member..a family member to the medical community. You know that you’ve worked hard to get there. All those sleepless nights, hoping for an I.V infusion of caffeine, prayers made everyday for easy exams and easier externals for the viva’s, Those weeks (months) of running around to get the “best” notes then realizing the first book had everything just as well and most of all you don’t have time to read all of the extra stuff anyway. Ah good times.

But all in all a treasurable moment that you wish you could capture. A proud moment.

Congrats to all the graduates out there.



  1. Congratulations friend… i remember onw quote by my teacher.. he often say to us when we graduated..

    A graduation is event where the speaker tell thousand of students dressed in identical caps and gowns "individuality" the key to the success.

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