The “Bridget Jones” phase – February Fever

Each day starts with a hope ,

A new rhythm , a new buzz .

So much to do , you  add’em all  to the to-do note,

But tonight when you sleep , all you’ll think of is who you love.“Author- me.Yeah I know wasn’t great poetry but you’ve got to give me points for trying ! So folks , finally the new year feeling has set in , fresh new diaries have been invaded in the hope of being written into daily , the gym members have doubled in number and people like me have started a new television series. 😉


February is here, the most exciting (/heart wrenching) months of all! Valentine’s day is coming around the corner.For many it’s a time of revelation of love , celebrating togetherness or simply playing Cupid. But sometimes God has other plans.A “no”to a proposal , a break up on a trivial issue or worse the feeling of being in one sided love. Emotions get the best of us and more importantly of our health. I hence call February the “Bridget Jones” phase for all the single people out there. In case you don’t know ,Bridget Jones is a fictional character who’s a middle aged , overweight woman with the habit of saying things at the most inappropriate times but still goes on with life in her own amusing way. She copes with the pain of being single by drinking all her alcohol , listening to “All by myself” and not leaving the room for days.


Needless to say most of us cope with heartbreaks in a similar manner. But I’m here to help you through it . So cheer up , you aren’t alone.Here’s how  we roll :

#1.Come to terms with it. Stop living in the past. It feels so angry and unfair when you fall out of love. Nothing makes sense anymore. But what’s happened has happened. What you need to do my friend is accept the fact.jrnl One of the best ways to do so is write out your thoughts and feelings. It can be very freeing and often gives you a different and better perspective. And who knows, you may just pen  beautiful poem/book?

#2 Don’t charge yourself “guilty”. It is natural after a break-up to blame yourself, but try not to personalize the loss for too long. It is far more helpful to see the ending as a result of conflicting needs and incompatibilities that are no one’s fault. Think positively and learn from your mistakes. Believe in yourself and don’t keep regretting what’s said and done.

#3 Get back to yourself and your routine. Though it will seem very hard at first but don’t overlook your basic needs in the course of grieving. Eat even if you don’t feel like it and try to get enough sleep . Listening to slow music while sleeping can be helpful. Watching any interesting movie/tv show can distract you enough to help you eat . Each day try and do at least one little thing from your routine ,  slowly put yourself back onto the right path.loveme

#4 Attain closure. It is vital to shut off  any window of the past relationship that you’ve let be open. It is therapeutic to let go of anything you’re clinging on to by performing closure rituals like removing all of the photos you have of your ex , their messages from the phone and likewise.

#5 Don’t loose faith in love. This is the final and most important step of all.Relationships do not and should not make us whole. So start loving yourself first , boost your confidence , get a new haircut ,try out that “thing” you’ve always wanted to do.  Only when you truly love and care for yourself can you find love again. Start dating again and don’t get scared of opening up to someone. Trust me , there’s that someone out there for you. There’s a Mr.Darcy somewhere for every Bridget in this world.  loveAnd if you’re alone for a  while , don’t worry most of us are alone as well , so aren’t we all together in that  too?

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