Entry no. 5- “Your Wish is my Command” by Muktha Padakandla

valentines day contest


It feels so impossible to make you mine

Yet I give it all my time

Wish you would be near me

And see the world like I see.

Smile with me like I do

The night is still cold and blue

A warm hug to comfort me

And a tear to fill the sea

Every second, every sight,

I feel you’re my Mr. Right

But it’s hard to take in

That you would never be mine.

Every time I see you smile

I feel like I travelled a thousand mile

To reach the moon and the stars

And dived in the ocean blue

To reach for something I never knew

Perhaps it could be a pearl

Hidden inside the shell

Or a ruby that could cast a spell

But it seems impossible too

As I always think about you

My heart still beats to the rhythm of your breath

And my love never has its death

When will you realize

That this beautiful feeling can hypnotize

Me in such a way

That I mistake night for the day?

You are all that I want and all that I feel

And here’s my little appeal

“Will you be mine?

And make me shine?

And make me hopeful that everything is fine?

I want to make you feel good

And be the best I could

And hold your warm hand

And make all your wishes my command.”

About the Author: Muktha Padakandla is a student of  MIT, Manipal. This is a poetry submitted for the Valentine’s Day Contest.


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