Sing Me To Sleep

I miss your voice When you say you miss me. Baby, when we meet next, Hold me and sing me to sleep. I have bad dreams at night Of unfamiliar shores, Of darkened skies, And I’m afraid I’ll lose you […]

Break Down

Don’t Break Down

Sometimes i am so confused, Sometimes i feel a bit let down, When i see myself in fact Living the thing that i had fought So long. Now i’m gone. You had wanted to break out Now i see you […]

53 war and peace gold leaf 1


I stand across and gaze at you In your eyes I see death, my friend, I welcome the sword on my neck Death’s no more a miserable end. Your obnoxious wish for power Lead you to kill time and time […]

Veins Medha bose


Sit on the floor Photo by: just.K Wasted Look at the wall Hypnotic Raise a toast Survivor See the blood Poisoned Feel it flow Chaotic Watch time fly Uncertain Hear the sound Harmonic The Meth in my veins is starting […]