Marvellous Madikkeri

A sudden decision of tripping ‘Madikkeri'(a hill station) and surroundings was taken on Friday by me when I came to know that Dr Anilbabu and one friend of him are going.We left Manipal at 6 30 in the evening on Friday with a plan to reach Madikkeri by Saturday morning, hangout there for 2 days and return to Manipal by monday morning.The visit served me two purposes-one was a much needed break from routines and another was get to know everything about places around Manipal within 3years(till i am here in Manipal).My ‘very good’ room mate gave me his camera to compress and preserve Madikkeri and associates in 1 gb memory card!As a reason I took around 200 snaps in 2 days .All I can not include here but will sort out the bests among them to be put on my next few posts.

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