The Twilight Zone

Welcome to the Twilight Zone,
Where flightless birds and winged reptiles roam.
The water is brine and the ground fire,
The air thick with unquenched desire,

Fading Memories

The landscape dotted with abandoned tools
Left behind by the scurrying fools
In their haste to buy again what they already had!
Treading on the broken glass from malfunctioning equipment,
I brace myself for the tough decisions ahead.
Shedding the skin that has coated me for years,
Sweeping it under the carpet and embracing the fear
Of new avenues on old roads
While ignoring the faces that gloat.

In an age gone by I walked in fragrant gardens,
Lush dewy grass under my feet
As dreams of an epic future were woven;
Dreams that were never to be.
Seduced I was by their cajoling coercion,
So, I embarked on the stereotyped excursion.
Left behind the fragrant gardens
To volunteer to be the Twilight Zone’s warden.
Devoid of regret and remorse
Make me the subject of envy
As I bide my time in this no-man’s land.

My neighbor, the Devil sometimes swings by,
Hoping for news of some new soul.
And even he cannot fathom why
I volunteered for the runner-up to his hellhole.
We toasted the divine angels that led us astray
While a pint of his fiery brew we shared,
And followed it up with curses & drunken slandering
Till the very air hung heavy with our misgivings.
He drank his way into a slobbering stupor
I barely registered that I outdrank the Devil!
I wondered why people blame him for all that goes wrong,
As I tucked in the incarnation of evil.
Like a babe he slumbered,
That night not for the first time I marveled,
At man’s ability to blame
Someone else for the mistakes we made.

My zone is the dustbin of the world
A last chance at redemption for them.
To resume the fight for a position at Heaven
Or pass vanquished into Hell.
The ones that come never stay,
Never twice have I seen the same face,
For millennia I have & for an aeon I will
Guard over this derelict space.

The answers I sought
I hadn’t found
When I met Death
On his hideous mount
So with my dying breath
I made a deal.
She cashed in on my polyamory.

So I took the Temptress as a lover,
In exchange for this immortality!

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