Rain Rain Go Away…

No don’t come back another day..maybe night or something when I’ve left town.

I USED to like the rain, till about 5 years ago when I came to Manipal and experienced Monsoons to they’re fullest. I recall having weeks and weeks of non- stop rain. An over the years being a bike rider I’ve grown to like it less and less.

This year being the last year an all I think I’ve just about had enough of it. It’s like the time when you sit in a traffic jam…you know you can’t do anything yet you feel like yelling / cursing / hitting / breaking something…but the key is nothing you do will help you. Might as well turn up the music and chill out. Same goes here.

I’ve gotten used to riding all decked out with the waterproof gear (pants / jacket / shoes) but still it’s bloody annoying. I hate not being able to go out at a moment’s notice. I need to get ready first. Hell I can go out in a T-Shirt in -20 C and be fine even if it’s snowing. I’ve shoveled snow wearing shorts and a t-shirts or gone running for cardio in a blizzard. My favorite way of staying up the night was go running in a snowstorm wearing shorts, a t-shirt and sandals. But this…is another deal all together. I can’t ride with a wet shirt or much worse wet pants. So maybe perhaps I’ve not gotten used to it. But it’s what I need to do to carry out day to day chores. Get to the clinics, the gym, anywhere else I need to go. I haven’t been able to find waterproof backpacks so I look like a hunchback on my bike carrying the bag under my jacket, but gotta do what I gotta do.

Had it been back home where people drive with at least some sense of responsibility (mostly). The roads don’t have potholes. I don’t have people without an iota of common sense that just cross the roads all through out expecting you to slow down for them. It’s not awesome when you cross a bus and have to literally almost slam on the brakes when you’re crossing the front as some jackass just came out in front of the bus? Happened to me last year. This bastard caused me to fall. My bike got a dent and the mother%^&%& ran away looking at me. Good for him anyway, he would’ve ended up in a very very very bad state had I got a look at him or got a hold of him.

So maybe I hate the rain in Manipal? Maybe I hate it due to the lack of common sense in pedestrians here? Or the drivers of cars? I won’t mention the idiots in suv’s who think that they are kings of the road while not realizing that with their center of gravity being so high up, the pathetic tires and roads they are on, they’ll be the first ones to skid.

This is the only place I’ve seen it rain with a clear sky overhead. I still don’t know how that works. Then the bloody electricity has to keep going out. The security guards who sleep on duty all the time (day or night) take ages to start the generator an those few minutes keep waking you up all night. I’ve not got a decent sleep in weeks.

So no I don’t like the rain. An I’m actually annoyed at all the “I love the weather” “I love the rain” statuses everywhere. There was a time I did. Not anymore.

Just thoughts.


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