MCODS Manipal V/S MCODS Mangalore

My 3rd sessional pathology practical exam: Me and my friends coming back from canteen after our lunch preparing ourselves for the viva ahead. Suddenly we heard a voice of a man asking us, Is this the dental college and are you guys dental students? We affirmed and they started their further enquiry. They told us that they had come for counselling and were not sure as to which campus they should choose. On further introduction it was actually nice talking to someone in Hindi after such a long time and remembering the time when we were doing the same thing few years back. images   Manipal College of Dental Sciences, one of the premier dental institutions in India having two branches in Manipal and Mangalore. Often students seem confused when it comes to deciding over a full fledged campus life and a proper city life.  But it totally depends on the choice of a student. Both of them offer an excellent faculty and teaching facilities. The overall rankings of colleges too is clubbed as MCODS Manipal without differentiating between the campuses. home-page Manipal offers you an awesome campus life to make your college life memorable with  serene and calm environment away from the city. On the other hand Mangalore being situated in the city offers you with a life full of malls and easy transportation facility connecting you through railways and airways.  Students from manipal, in order to avoid boring weekends come to Mangalore to watch movies and roam around the city. Know-MCODS Most importantly presence of hospitals in the heart of city at Lighthouse Hill Road and Attavar gives clinical exposure to students and gives them opportunity to interact with patients. Students have postings in both hospitals for 6 months for getting them acquainted to regular dose of patients. Mangalore campus organizes dental week to fulfil the extra -curricular activity quota of students out here to cope up with the academic pressure. So it solely depends on your preferences and your choice and both colleges are more or less same having their respective advantages. Send me your suggestions, articles if  any on [email protected] or [email protected].


  1. Being a passed out student of MCODS Manipal, i can tell you that:
    Manipal – The place itself is enough to make your life beautiful for years to come.
    CODS Manipal campus has high end facilities which makes students well versed with the state of the art conditions anywhere else they go after that.
    Academically it is the best. The Central Library offers a best place not just for studies but tons of happy moments.
    Marena – The indoor sports stadium, Greens – the best place to hang out and many food points serving different varieties of foods make it the place of choice for millions. End Point – though the recent constructions are spoiling its beauty, its still a kool place!
    HUES – Annual cultural festival of MCODS Manipal – a full week of enjoyment and fun and creates a very good platform for students to show their extra curricular talents.
    Sports week, Voluntary Services, UTSAV – are other awesome moments to name.
    It is generally said that manipal doesn’t offer enough patient exposure, but if someone wants to learn something, they can always do that in manipal.

    Both colleges are equally good, but manipal teaches you how to live!

  2. We have Marena too and greens.We have Mangala stadium,Alloysius grounds too to organize our sports meet.We have dental week in which We battle against the other batches along with staffs nd postgraduates.We also have our very own auditorium built in memory of our founder-T.M.A Pai where all our cultural events,valedictory ceremony takes place.We have co -curricular activities as a mandatory rule which is awesome and gives us leisure from our hectic schedules.We hav dj nights during diwali,dental week.Most of the students find their hidden talents during dental week.Immediately after dental week we also participate in Utsav. So basically we balance our academics well with our activities hence we call it co-curricular and not “extra curricular”.

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