Mother Nature’s Henchmen

One word says it all; mosquitoes. They help humans in no way. Unless you are full of vengeance and like to see your enemies suffering from malaria, dengue, chikungunya, brain fever, yellow fever or filariasis. Then mosquitoes serve as faithful unpaid henchmen.


Researchers have been following mosquitoes (and mosquitoes, them) for quite some time. These researches(not researchers) interest me, for I have been struggling to get out of the one-sided love affair with these horrid creatures ever since I was born(mosquitoes love me, but I hate them, just in case you were confused).
The following are what attract a mosquito:
1)Blood (since you probably did not know that)
2)A particular blood group. Various researches show preference to O blood group, but from personal experience, I would say that the tastiest blood group is A Positive. This is according to mosquitoes; I am not a vampire.
3)Heat; without it, you are dead. With it, you might end up dead (if mosquitoes gift you tiny, microscopic unwanted companions)received_10153852475623706
4)Carbon dioxide (we exhale that, in case you were going to accuse me of incoherence)
5)Sweat; desperate creatures, or weird, you decide.
6)Skin flora (microorganisms living on skin, because, why not?)
The following are the reasons I find them despicable:
1)They bite people who are minding their own business.
2)They will ruin your sleep by buzzing in your ear. They may even decide to explore your ear or nose.
3)They are greedy little monsters, and will keep feasting till they are too full to fly. Maybe even after that.
4)The itch that follows the bite is stubborn.
5)They are very hospitable vectors.
6)They bring out the violent ninja in me. I mean, have you tried killing one? Their flying pattern is bizarre!
7)They don’t suck fat05574f67b8104857fb9b459071e16f4a
Talk about necessary evil (necessary for Mother Nature). I strongly believe that mosquitoes roam the earth to keep the human population under control. If a conversation were to take place between Mother Nature and mosquitoes, it would go like this:
Mother Nature: The population of that area expanding at an alarming rate! And they are mercilessly hurting me. I won’t be able to take the pressure any longer!
Mosquitoes: Do not fear, for mosquitoes are here! So, do you wish to see those humans suffer, or just send them on their way to hell?
Mother Nature: I would like to repay the kindness they have shown me. *Evil laughter*
Mosquitoes: *Evil laughter* This is what we are going to do; first, we will bite them repeatedly until they wish they were never born. Then we will inject them  with a malarial parasite. images
Once they recover from malaria, we will gift them filariasis, and then keep a low profile. Just when they think it’s all over for good, we will transmit dengue and Japanese Encephalitis(brain fever). If that doesn’t reduce the population, we will inject them with Plasmodium falciparum, the deadliest of the malarial parasites. That should do the trick. And if that too doesn’t work, you can always do the chicken dance and create an earthquake. How does that sound?

Mother Nature: I love the plan. I shall begin my work of creating the organisms you require immediately. I will also provide you with suitable breeding grounds. That should be easy, since the humans are careless and lazy fools who don’t believe in a clean environment, or that water should not be allowed to stagnate.

I am reborn #sewage
Feels like I’m reborn #sewage
And they spray insecticides indiscriminately, rendering you guys resistant to the same.
Thankfully, they are also too arrogant to admit that they need to use mosquito nets, use insect repellents or wear protective clothing. Their ignorance is our bliss. *Evil laughter*


You heard Mother Nature. All you have to do to save yourself, is to protect her. So, are you going to do something to change the way she sees and treats us, or drive her into doing her ‘chicken dance’?

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