Physical Abuse and I

The young mother was agitated. Her son’s results were declared. The class teacher announced the names of the top three in the class and her son’s name was not in it. “ Now he is depressed. This is mental abuse


A Symphony on the Sea

Sitting still, she watched her tormenter of the week before, the ocean, who had nearly broken her spirit. Making her prey to its whims and changing moods, it had seemed cruel. Taking pleasure from her abject state, it had whipped


This exam season, Banish Fear!

As we reach the finish line and get ready to breast the tape, we realize that it takes more than mere know how, acumen and focus to crack the exam code. It requires that additional adrenalin rush to spurt us


The Crows of Manipal

“One Nuttela sandwich, akka,” my stomach is growling angrily as I stand in front of the Indira akka waiting for my sandwich. It’s the end of a long grueling day and all my mind can foresee and imagine is the


A life beyond Manipal.

People often compliment me for being a great motivational speaker. But what is the use of a talent if it isn’t used for our near and dear ones. So I had to write this charming piece for the youngsters in


Poem Written Out of Boredom

I feel like a ship,drifting aimlessly through the sea,the horizon seems promising,but making it to the end seems bleak,How shall i get through, with a hope so weak,It never seemed so treacherous,the sails had a good grip over the wind


A Mother’s Plight by Priyanka Emily Monteiro

Somehow you seem to make all the things right, Even when your lost and out of sight, There’s always a plan working right and bright, You have the strength to face the world so spoilt, With the courage, determination and a raging fight, You’ve seen a lot, and I know you are exhausted and fired, But don’t give up cos it’s not your last fight, I know you’ll endure through the thick and thin, Cos trust me you have it, you just need to explore deep within, Life is too short to whine over petty things, When you have a journey filled with adventure and angel’s wings……   About the Poet: Priyanka Emily Monteiro is a student at Manipal College Of Pharmaceutical Sciences (MCOPS), Manipal.