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Who say that teens do not fall in love? Who says that young loves do not last long? Well, according to the survey conducted by the New York City which includes almost 5000 teens (13-18 aged), 1 out of 10 teenagers say that they are in a relationship and have dated their love partners for more than a year. Those who are not in long-term relationships are not single or lacking any romance in them. About 55% of the teens say that they regularly go on dates. The interesting fact is that more percentage of girls than boys say that they have a boyfriend currently, approx 40%, but only 31% of the boys say that they have a girl friend. Are our boys shy? Are the boys not confident enough in asking girls out or are girls smarter than boys? Manipal Monk would like to help out those boys if they have any kind of problem, leave a comment and we will help you out.

Another survey showed that more percentage of girls, approx 85% wants to get married but only 70% of the boys said that. It seems that boys are mostly interested in a life without marriage whereas girls want to get married and have babies. This might cause a problem later on for some teenage couples and so they need to take care.

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