How to Makeover Your Man

LADIES! This post may be helpful to those of you representing the “in a relationship” status right now.
Imagine you want to go out on a date with your boyfriend to a very fancy restaurant but you are embarrassed by what your man is wearing. I’m sure you’ve tried to say something to him or even offered to take him shopping and buy him new clothes and yet every time says replies back saying, “what, you do like the way I dress?” And deep inside your head you screaming “NO, NO I DON”T LIKE IT!”
Here is how to Makeover Your Man:

1. Ask yourself honestly what your motivation is for changing the way your man dresses — the purer the motivation (i.e. to help him develop confidence), the better the results.
2. If you haven’t discussed his style issues before, now is the time to let him know you’d like to take over in the fashion department.
3. If he balks, stop here and try again in six months.
4. If he’s relieved to have some help, start by assessing his current wardrobe.
5. Pitch everything that doesn’t fit, needs serious mending or is totally out of style.
6. Assess your guy’s current style with him — is he dressing for power, comfort or stylishness?
7. Work with him to decide what image he wants to portray.
makeover 04
8. Start slowly redoing his wardrobe, working from the inside out — buy new underwear, undershirts, socks and hankies.
9. Take advantage of the expertise of the salespeople and tailors at the best stores. They’ll help him find the right professional looks that fit.
10. Buy just one new suit that looks terrific, two new shirts and two new ties.
11. Pay attention to details like shoes, belts and socks — they should be good quality and complement the total look..
12. For weekend wear, neatness goes a long way, so just buy replacement shirts, pants, shorts and athletic shoes.
13. Well-worn jeans and Tshirts may have to be pried from his fingers — replace with new jeans and a few new logo Ts.
14. Give casual wear a spin in the washer a few times to break in jeans and shirts — it’ll go far in the comfort department.
Now I hope he cooperates with you! Here are a few tips to help you out in this awful situation too:
1. Study men’s magazines like GQ to get a feel for overall men’s fashion trends.
2. Don’t try to force your style on him — he’s not a doll to be dressed.
3. If all your efforts don’t work, don’t despair. Some of the biggest geek dressers are also the richest (Bill Gates comes to mind)
I hope these suggestions and tips work for you because I know I am going to try to makeover my man this weekend!

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