4 Scrumptious Holiday Destinations For Foodies

Everyone has a reason to go abroad. There’s the ‘I just want a break from life’ crew or the ‘I have to get some sun before I develop depression’ squad. There are even the travellers that miss hostel life so much they have to get a fix. You are, unashamedly, part of the food posse. Yep, your goal is to land in a foreign country and eat your way through the culture like a hungry caterpillar. And, if a fine wine is available, that’s a bonus. Hopefully, you’ll turn into a butterfly, but, if not, the following are excellent delicious destinations to enjoy a holiday.

Bon appetit!

Bangkok,  Thailand

The capital of Thailand is notorious for its seedy, back alley nightlife, but that’s only one part of the city. The other side is a wonderful mixture of five-star dining and street food. Sitting along pathways is an industrious Thai selling meat, curries, or noodle dishes. At a couple of Baht a meal, you may not make it to a restaurant. Should you venture inside, the eating gets better if that’s possible. Siam Tea Room is a perfect example of fundamental, indigenous dishes transformed into Michelin star quality.Thailand

Naples, Italy

Italian food is a cuisine which has permeated every inch of the world. There isn’t a self-respecting restaurant in the world which doesn’t serve a classic Italian-inspired dish. But, why eat chicken when you can have steak at home? Italy is a country with a wide range of flavours, but none are as intense as in Naples. Home to the iconic Neapolitan pizza, the crispness of the base mixed with the simple seasoning is undeniable. Gnocchi is a pasta dish which makes waves down south, too. If that isn’t too much, you can finish with a mixture of vanilla, chocolate and strawberry ice-cream.pizza

Paris, France

Okay, so everyone knows about the delights of a country which basically invented bread. And, you might need to take out a cash loan to afford a luxury trip to Gay Paree. However, not to be facetious, but the journey is well worth the debt for many food lovers. Of course, there is the famous Plaza Athénée Hotel which is home to the legendary chef, Alain Ducasse. A chef with a total of 19 Michelin stars, it’s not hard to see why when you dine at the Athénée. For those who don’t want the five-star experience, the takeaways are a culinary delight too. Try Paul, France’s sophisticated answer to Subway, for a budget meal.

The Middle East, Asia

Thai, French and Italian cuisines are nothing new. The world is a small place nowadays, and it’s food that is at the centre of the expansion. Still, true Middle Eastern dishes are a mystery to many people. And, as a foodie, it’s your responsibility to bridge the gap. Start in the UAE, at the Al Dawaar – Revolving Restaurant & Lounge where the views are as good as the food. If you want something more cultural, try the Riyadh street food delights in Saudi Arabia. The yughmish is bread packed with meats and it’s a must-have. The final destination on your whistle-stop tour has to be Jerusalem. Hit up Azura in the Mahane Yehuda market and check out the variety of rice and lentil dishes.

Jerusalem Mahane Yehuda Market

Do you have any you would like to add to the list?


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