How to list skills on a resume

A strong CV should fully describe the skills and competencies of a person, as well as illustrate the candidate’s character and personality. But to write a strong personalized CV you need to spend more than one day. Usually, the most difficult task for beginners is to fill out the “skills section”. In our article, we want to show you how to correctly describe your strong skills and insert them into your resume. – Help With Wording on Resume –

How to list skills on a resume in 2020

Analyze your competencies

First, take a blank sheet of paper and write down all of your skills. Try to remember everything you did at your previous job or university. Also, think about the skills that you learned in your spare time. Have you written any financial reports? Have you communicated with your clients in 3 languages? Or do you have a good knowledge of social networks? Perfect! Write everything down. This even applies to large companies such as CKS Financial.

Make a selection

Now it’s time to look through the employer’s vacancy and understand which of your skills can be useful for a new job. Of course, you have to remove a lot of skills from your list. However, this can help you to present yourself as the perfect applicant.

Insert skills into your CV

We advise you not to write all of the skills in a single column, but to spread them throughout your resume. Create a list of 5-7 specific skills for resume in a single column. Your abstract qualities like leadership or attentiveness should be shown by examples. In the list of work experience, indicate your achievements and responsibilities. In this way, the recruiter will see what skills helped you to do your job successfully.

How to list technical skills on a resume

If you do not work in the IT sector but still have good technical competencies, make sure to mention them. The best way is to put your digital skills in a separate column. You can specify 3-5 main competencies, for example, knowledge of Photoshop, web design, or website development.

Finally, take a few days to complete and rewrite your resume. This will help you to collect all of your thoughts and successfully group the text in a file.

We hope that our tips will help you to create an excellent resume that stands out!

What is a resume: the most important in 1 minute

The word “resume” itself comes from the French resume, which means “to state in brief. In a job search situation, the term would mean a brief overview of previous work activities. A resume includes a description of education, work experience, skills, and knowledge, as well as achievements that one has in the professional field.

Writing a resume is very important, even almost the most important part of the job search. It is often the first contact with an employer, which is why it is so important to make yourself stand out from other job seekers when writing your resume.

Please note: A resume should be written in such a way as to make an impression the first time you read it. Statistically, it takes an employer 2-3 minutes to look at your resume, so it should catch your attention the first time.

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