How to Create a Sense of Style

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Creating your own sense of style is easier said than done.

Although you can discover a plethora of suggestions on the internet to help you put together stylish outfits — it still can be difficult to come up with your own style.

The majority of discovering your own personal style involves independent thinking.

Having a distinct style, like developing a taste for great art, is one of those intangible things that appears difficult to achieve — yet easy to identify when someone else possesses it.

Indeed, there is no step-by-step plan for everyone to follow when it comes to fashion and styling. However, certain suggestions will guide you toward developing your own creative sense of style.

Before we go on with the ways on how to develop a sense of style, let us first explain what it means!

What is a sense of style?

Personal style is an expression of oneself. It’s about discovering your true self and expressing it through your style.

Personal style is about allowing your inner light to shine through so that your outer look reflects who you are on the inside.

It is tempting to imitate the appearance of people you like, such as celebrities or internet influencers, but this may quickly harm your self-esteem.

When you imitate someone else, you are displaying their inner self rather than your own!

Try these strategies to define or enhance your style this year!

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Observe and get inspirations

The most important thing you can do to develop your sense of style is to observe how others do it!

What kinds of clothes do they wear, what colors do they combine, what shoes do they pair with their clothes, how do they complete the look, and so on.

Imagine yourself as a researcher from a foreign country, attempting to learn as much as possible about the local traditions.

These concepts may take many different shapes. If you spend a lot of time online, consider following Instagram accounts that display styles you like or screenshotting looks you are fond of.

Check out pages from fashion magazines or create some fashion-related mood boards if you want to relate more easily.

You’ll likely notice some recurring themes in what you gather.

Don’t overthink things, but keep an eye out for trends in your decisions. Perhaps you have a preference for certain colors, products, or designers.

Make it simple

Begin with something that resonates with you. Perhaps you love shoes and want to create an outfit around them. Maybe earrings are your go-to accessory. Begin with the basics and work your way up.

It is not necessary to be lavish to have a sense of style. Take everything at your own speed and see what you have in your closet.

You don’t have to wear everything all at once to have a sense of style. You must determine what clothes work well together. Do not put on all of your clothing at once and choose only the ones that fit your chosen style!

Go for shopping

We don’t recommend embarking on a full-fledged buying binge just yet, but a bit of shopping may help your style start taking form.

Visit secondhand shops or organize a clothing exchange with your friends to lower the stakes. A wardrobe essential that almost goes with everything is leggings. Buy leggings wholesale if you can and see what goes well with the one you bought.

The objective is to choose a few items that interest you without overthinking them. It will be more convenient if you are not spending a lot of money.

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Try new styles

The only way to get to the point where you can firmly declare, “yes, this is my style”, is to expose yourself to a wide range of styles and experiment to discover what you like and dislike.

Everyone you see who has a fantastic sense of style now has gone through this experimental period at some time in their lives and could probably tell you millions of tales about all the “awful” clothes they wore before settling on a taste.

As a fashion newcomer, you may do your best to expedite the process, but you must still go through it.

Embrace the trial-and-error process

Above all, keep in mind that sense of style is a process rather than a result. Your style would change throughout time, reflecting your own growth and interests.

Don’t try to achieve a perfect, refined form of your style.

The goal is to enjoy the process, and each iteration of your style at any given time is a genuine representation of who you are.

You will grow and evolve throughout your life, so relax, accept the changes, and let your wardrobe choices reflect your development. Don’t take yourself too seriously when you try on clothes that enhance your look and feel great.


Creating your own sense of style does not happen overnight. It takes a lot of trial and error before you achieve your sense of style.


Everyone has their own way of expressing themselves. You have to do it at your own pace.

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