Has our leadership gone nuts?

“It seems India’s quest for an able leadership is yet to see the light of day. Our messiah is yet to come! There is still more darkness to bear before India shines!”

You all must be wondering why am I saying so with so much campaigning and struggle against corruption and other bad practices going on with so much fervour and still greater media coverage. Or are you?

The reason for my disillusionment is that I am sourly disappointed by our favourite new boy in the town Delhi CM Mr. Arvind Kejriwal. Taking a look at the dharna that he has chosen to sit on and the recklessness that he is flaunting these days, it seems Mr. Kejriwal has forgotten to change into shoes from his activist slippers before going to office. If you still don’t get the point let me say it in a  simpler way. Four days from now The Union of India as we officially pen it will be hopefully celebrating 64 years of democratic rule and in a completely unprecedented scenario we are getting to see the Chief Minister Of the Capital of India campaigning outside the Rail Bhawan and threatening to disrupt the celebrations themselves. I must say, ” What a brilliant show of unity and belief in our Constitution!” I know they must sound hollow to some of you revolutionists but I am afraid to say this whole drama seems to be getting a little too far.

Indian politicians it seems are losing their lustre. They have started behaving like children whose quarrels have to be settled by their elders! Just last Independence Day we had another phenomenal CM criticizing the PM in a wooing stint and now this! I wonder if they should make training mandatory for politicians as well. The methods are may seem new but are old. We have already had scenes of Gandhiji going on indefinite fasts when the Government supposedly was being morally wrong. Remember? Mr. Kejriwal has also taken a leaf out of his books but what he has sadly forgotten is that he is no more just Kejriwal. If he was so enthusiastic about bringing the Government to its knees every time he should have not been a part of it. Someone else could have taken up the mandate of either heading the Delhi Government(Yeah! I am aware of the difference between State and Centre and am saying this deliberately.) You see kings do not enjoy the freedom of king-makers and Gandhiji knew it too well. Kejriji must have bunked the lecture(said with all respect for Mr. Kejriwal, just a figure of speech. I am aware he is very dutiful.)

It is the Government’s duty to ensure law and order and not to itself indulge in disorder. It is the pillar of civilization and it should never forget this fact. If Kejriwal wanted something done, he should have held deliberations with the Home Ministry. It could have been solved like two adults coming to a consensus. I am sure Mr. Sushil Kumar Shinde(Minister of Home Affairs,in case you don’t know :/) would have found time for someone so important(otherwise of course he could have still sat outside his office!) but making demands and expecting them to be simply met is not what we expect of a CM when we look up to him. If each one of us starts getting so heated up I am sure we will have to again call in the British considering how diverse India is(even in its perception of the word ‘Corruption’) There are ways to do a thing. Delhi assembly could have passed a resolution and forwarded it to the Home Ministry. A complain could have been filed in the court and requested speedy processing. There must be other ways too which I am unaware of but this atrocity to not just the Government but to the whole of India and our Constitution could surely have waited sometime longer.

As it has been so much in news recently everyone must be aware of the differences that existed between Sardar Patel and Pandit Nehru on how things should be done. Both were popular leaders and I am sure if it had come to a standoff more than half of India would have been left wondering whom to support with Gandhiji dead. Imagine what would have been the state of India if panditji sat outside MHA(Ministry of Home Affairs :p) on dharna and Sardarji outside the PMO(Prime Minister’s Office). Poor Gandhiji would have had to come back all the way from Heaven to save Mother India from a civil war.

But all is not lost! I am still sure that a consensus can be reached. MHA and Delhi Government can solve the matter peacefully if they talk and throw away their egos, act smart, responsible and sensible. If it cannot be so and we have to usher in this new radical way of getting things done, I suggest why not suspend everyone involved, make them go to school again and learn some manners and morals. Currently everyone is standing in dereliction of duties after all! India can continue on its path to glory in the meantime without them. I am sure the President and Prime Minister can find the powers to do so from somewhere and end this ruckus. Let the judiciary and professionalism go to hell for sometime! Personally I find it very distressing to brag it in front of the whole world about how difficult we are finding it to govern ourselves and that too for the sake of some elders behaving like kids! All Indians are my brothers and sisters, we are family and we can sort it quietly on our own in our own abode.

Please Sirs! come to your senses and stop this whole marketing of India’s pride and dignity!

I am sure it must be really infuriating for anyone to read this and I am sorry for being so impudent. It has been done on purpose. I hope this acts as the last nail in the coffin-

“I feel the same way when I see Delhi CM sitting outside MHA. So please everyone! can we behave?”

I hope you get the point 🙂

My sincere apologies to each one of you reading this article especially our leaders. JAI HIND!



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