5 extraordinary places to visit in Jaisalmer in your vacation tour around Rajasthan.

jaisalmer The Living fort - Sonar Quila, Jaisalmer
Even today, nearly one fourth of the old city's population resides within the fort, making Jaisalmer Fort the world's only living fort.

Rajasthan is one of the prime tourist destinations in India and houses a plethora of intriguing cities and towns and one such wonderful tourist destination is the enchanting city of Jaisalmer. As the sun rises, this ancient and historical attraction receives a humongous crowd of excited tourists ready to discover the seemingly endless attractions and discover the grandiosity as well.

The most exciting part of all, is the Jaisalmer fort. Learn about the great and grand kings and queens, who shaped India’s presence around the world. The fort with its courtyards, beautifully sculpted walls, intricately designed interiors and a view of the entire Jaisalmer from the fort top is a must visit attraction.

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The famous Gadisar Lake is where you will catch a glimpse of the serene sunset and spend some relaxing time surrounded by the age-old forts and hustling city. Jaisalmer, its people, its attraction, and the local ambiance have always received a huge crowd during the tourist season. From the serene attractions and delicious food to an even more amusing culture, all tourists are sure to have a quality time in their Rajasthan venture.

Visit Jaisalmer Fort

Standing erect on the shores of the Gadisar Lake, is the stunningly beautiful Jaisalmer fort. Amidst the never-ending stretch of desert, this Jaisalmer fort has a humongous height of 750 feet and is clearly one of the widest structures around. The fort with its aesthetic and charming interiors best describes the glamorous and grandiosity of old sculptures and artists.

A View of Patwon ki Haveli, Jaisalmer
It is tough to distinguish between the historical and the present in the fort – time lies intertwined here.

The fort has four enthralling gates, extremely age-old Hindu and Jain temples and other intriguing historical sculptures and art as well. One of the most outstanding features of this fort is the way the fort changes its hue with the day passing.

Go street shopping

Rajasthan has always been a hub for over-the-top and immensely unique pieces of almost everything. Tourists can find extraordinary things like puppets, Rajasthan ethnic attire, authentic jewelry, home decor items, and more. View more about Jaisalmer at Thrillophilia.com and learn about the extremely fascinating state-of-the-art shops which are a must-visit. Some of the best places to shop in and around Jaisalmer are Manak Chowk, Bhatia Chowk, Sadar Bazaar, Sanoraan ka bass, and more. Thrillophilia highly recommends for all shopaholics to hop on for a shopping spree during their vacation.

Try out authentic food

jaisalmer thaliRajasthan is a food capital when it comes to delightful spicy and hot food, delicious sweets, and extraordinary Indian thalis which are must-haves. From their famous kachoris to Dal baati, Jaisalmer is a tourist favorite location for an amusing street food exploration.  View more about Jaisalmer at Thrillophilia.com and discover the best street foods to relish some sumptuous items. Jaisalmer’s favorite Ker Sangri is every local’s go-to bite and why not. Don’t forget to try out Gatte ki sabzi and lal mans and get drunk on their special Bhang as well.

Go Quad Biking

Jaisalmer has a wide range of extremely beautiful deserts and the most spectacular sport to try out is quad biking. Under expert supervision, quad biking is an extreme level sport that will allow you to bike on the tough sandy terrains of the desert and witness the never-ending stretch of sand with the gleaming sun setting in the background. Tourists can also rent an SUV instead of an ATV and explore the Jaisalmer desert on their own. Spot camels and click pictures with the glowing sun setting in the background.

Ride on Camel

In Jaisalmer, tourists can find a number of camels offering an extraordinary came ride through the humongous and ethereal stretches of desert. The camel rides are extremely cheap in Jaisalmer and a must-do activity to feel the true essence of this potentially pivotal tourist destination. During the safari, observe the grandiosity of the Thar desert and click picturesque pictures with the enormous sun setting in the background. These camel rides start at Rs 1000 per person and promise an eventful journey around the Thar desert and showcase its incredible beauty at its best.

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