Delhi Blues

big-arvind-kejriwal-desktop-wallpaperSo finally it happened! The government that was formed by AAP under the leadership of Mr Arvind Kejriwal finally saw its end on Thursday. And nobody expected it to last as long as it did. Forty- nine days of whirlwind that gripped Delhi finally ended in a sad and dramatic manner when Mr Kejriwal tried to push the Jan Lokpal bill in the Delhi assembly. Congress and BJP MLAs unanimously opposed the bill and Kejriwal was left with no other option but to reassess the possibility of running a government in troubled waters.

Mr Kejriwal, as promised, resigned from his office and suggested the Lt. Governor to dissolve the House. What stands out is his remarkable commitment towards ensuring a free fare and transparent Government. What stands out is his respectable selfless attitude and the lack of interest in staying in power.

What goes against him is that he has not been able to run a Government despite Congress agreeing to provide an issue based support to AAP. What goes against him is his ability to keep his comrades together. What still remains in question is his claim to provide a stable Central Government.

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  1. is it an article? looks like u r answering to a question like write in brief about cm kejriwal and write 3 pros n cons of his governance. the flow was not maintained while writing ur article mr blogger but i hope with experience u can become an eminent blogger mr blogger!!!

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