The Fault in our Stars- The Movie

The only fault in my stars was being a guy and HAVING to watch this movie. Don’t get me wrong, the movie was nice and everything. Just that it totally and completely deviates from my comfort zone of entertainment.

The story follows the too-young-to-die-something-years-old Hazel, a girl with Thyroid cancer that has secondarily metastasized to her lungs who meets to (supposedly) dreamy 18 year old Agustus, who survives Osteosarcoma with all but a leg.

The two of them find excuse to meet and talk over and about a book that Hazel is crazy about. Gus finds a way to get them to Amsterdam to meet the man that authored the book and that is where the love story shoots off. The two patients with misspelled astronomical charts bond over doing things they may never do again only to find out that all that was good and green was to burn.

The movie drags you through the emotional aspect of the deadly “C-Bug”, making promises of some kind of a better tomorrow, only to lead you into further scenes of sympathy and a daring hope for dawn.

From what I’d heard of the story, the entire experience followed much the same course I thought it would. The theatre was scattered with a couple of girls in two’s and three’s. Every so often I would hear a prompt or exact recitation of what the next dialogue was to be. And this was the first day of release of the movie, mind you. A couple chuckles there and an endless orchestra of sniffs and sobs throughout.

All in all, an amazingly satisfying and heart rendering tale of how there is always a hope for a better and brighter tomorrow IF your one true prince saves you from it all- for the fairer of the fairer sex. Carcinogenic for everyone else.

And that’s the bottom line.

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