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Kerala is a state in South India known for its blissful scenic views, lush greens, and rich culture. It is artsy and homely, with the smell of the sea and trees drifting in your nose, livening up your entire being.

It overflows with the ideal beaches, calm hill slopes, breath-taking lakes, rich museums, and historic monuments; Trivandrum is the capital of Kerala’s beautiful state. It offers a perfect balance of the Malayali culture and diversities while also giving you multiple locations to get away and relax.

If you have the jitters for travel, don’t halt your plans. Rent a car in Trivandrum and cruise through the beautiful roads of the city.

Fun things to do

Trivandrum is a city filled with beaches and cool lush greenery. You have a wide range of picks to choose from, all in and around the city!

  1. Kovalam Beach- The setting sunset and the brilliant hues of colors it brings is best viewed in the Kovalam Beach. With a peaceful coastline, palm-fringed shallow beaches, and a majestic lighthouse, the evenings and early mornings in Kovalam beach will make you full of bliss. There are multiple fun activities like sunbathing, swimming, herbal massages, various shops, and food stalls for you to stroll across.
  2. Padmanabhaswamy Temple: This is a very famous temple among locals and tourists, which is right in the heart of the city. Lord Vishnu, in the eternal sleep posture atop the hooded serpent, is a treat for those who enjoy historical or spiritual locations. This temple is adorned with marvelous architectural pleasures as well, which is why it is so famous. You have the option to rent a car in Trivandrum and go around the entire city in a day.
  3. Poovar: Poovar is a paradise beach where you will see the rare conjunction of a lake, river, and sea. The village is situated south of the river Neyyar. It is also a point of extreme geographical importance as the Poovar beach separates the river from the Arabian sea. You can enjoy wonderful activities like boat trips through the lagoon, see the Vizhinjam Marine aquarium, peep into the colorful fish markets or enjoy the subtle and mesmerizing peacefulness of the Poovar beach.
  4. Ponmudi: Ponmudi is a part of the Western Ghats track and is a hill resort that is one of Kerala’s crowns. Rent a car in Trivandrum and drive up to Ponmudi to let yourself be greeted by a lush green environment. Experience wonderful streams, tea plantations, wildflowers, and beautiful creatures. Experience a thrilling adventure while trekking along the misty track. Ponmudi is a sheer joy to families and adventure seekers alike.
  5. Shanghumukham Beach: If you like isolation or a secluded spot, the Shanghumukham beach is the perfect spot for you. It is the ideal getaway spot that offers quiet silvery white sand and ambient seas. The beach also houses a beautiful statue of ‘Jalakanyaka’ which loosely translates to water-woman/ spirit or mermaid.
  6. Neyyar Wildlife Sanctuary: At the heart of peaceful and serene nature, lies the sanctuary that is home to many endangered species. The sanctuary lies 35 km away from Trivandrum and offers many activities like lion safari and ventures into wildlife adventure tourism. You can also go boating in the Neyyar Dam which is situated at the foothills of the glorious Western Ghats. Boating, fishing, and the warm and homey soul food are the largest attractions space has to offer.
  7. Valiyathura Pier: The Valiyathura pier is famous for its vibrant sunsets and secluded splendor that makes it the ideal location to lie back and soak in the beauty. It is situated close to the airport and is 200 meters long. You can witness the boats returning to the shore along with the sunset and pair it up with some amazing street grub for the perfect end to your stay in this astounding city.

These are only a few spots to visit in and around Trivandrum! To truly understand the experience, you need to visit the city and live the experience first-hand. The refreshing views and complete culture bursts are something every traveler must experience.

If thinking about visiting these spots is making you jittery and excited inside, don’t put your trip. Rent a car in Trivandrum for affordable prices, which guarantee safety and hygiene. Get great deals and flexible pick up and drop locations at zero percent deposit rate. Drive yourself and your loved ones and experience the true bliss of Kerala!

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