Rich Aunt, Poor Aunt

The title of this post is inspired from best-selling title , With due apologies to the author of, ‘Rich Dad, Poor Dad. They say, childhood memories stay with you, forever. They remain hidden in the recesses of your mind and

Art & Literature

The Power Of Communication

The delights of being old are that even if you are not wise, you still get a chance to act wise. Yesterday one young software engineer approached me. He has just passed out and is looking for a job. He


ManipalBlog Entrepreneurship Summit …

ManipalBlog,  held an Entrepreneurship Summit at  the Manipal on 29th March, 2012. The event featured the success stories of three of Manipal’s most loved entrepreneurial icons – Timmy anna, SuperPower Laundry boss and Om Xerox akka, who shared their views and policies


Autowala Renaissance

On the night of 22 March, at 10:50 pm, a group of MU students take 3 autos from Blue waters to KC. After bargaining for a minute or so, the deal settled at Rs.130 even though students were still standing


Poem: You will die tomorrow

Hey you Postponing your dreams Killing them slowly Watching them grow old You will die tomorrow You will die tomorrow I don’t know why Nobody ever knows The God of death cries You will be mine tomorrow You will be