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Handle Stress
First tip for managing stress is to learn some deep breathing techniques.

It is indeed upsetting to see the suicide rates of medical students go up each year and if it is not suicide then, it’s plain old addictions, which is itself a slow killer. The main factor is just peer pressure, which could be associated with relationship failure, failing in exam, or even a sad day that can be magnified so much so that the person won’t be able to take it anymore. The main objective that drove me to write this article is nothing but the tremendous pressure and stress that I see my peers go through. Moreover, the results are rather devastating. Now let’s get the facts straight! For a medical professional, from the moment he enters medical school until his grave he is always under an obligation to serve his fellow man.  I like it that some people think that becoming a doctor is like a ‘calling’. Well I wouldn’t totally agree with it but that sort of enthusiasm is very much needed. So, it is mandatory that we go through this intricate and fiery test in order to emerge as shining jewels- all set and ready to meet more patients! :p



The big question is- do we all make it? And more importantly, to those who make it- do we all make it in one piece?

It is a fact for life that a medical student has to sacrifice many things if he/she has to become successful -which pretty much equalizes him/her to a desolate, bleak but at the same time a sagacious human being! (I know most of you must be pondering upon whether or not to support or retaliate). If you look into the lives of all great personalities they had a strong family support, they had love, care and moral support backing them up lest they failed! That is purely the reason why they got back up and aimed for more. It is sad to see that so many good minds miss out on this very aspect. They struggle to achieve more and more but when they don’t, they become nothing but a pile of rubble, swept to one corner. On the other hand, some live in denial.

It is about time that we learn to handle this huge responsibility in a way that it wouldn’t destroy us.

‘Remarks’- we are all driven by them. No matter how cool a person may appear to be, it is bound to get the better of him/her at one point of time. Well here is an answer:

“Someone’s opinion of you does not have to become your reality and you don’t have to go through life being a victim!”

So loosen up and look around. Everyone has his or her motives, goals and dreams but the path taken to achieve it, is just as important as the price. We should make sure that we do not loose ourselves in the process. Like Marilyn Monroe once said,

“I am trying to find myself

          Sometimes that’s not easy”


Cheers! 🙂

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