Best things to do in Pune- Simply You Cannot Miss

Pune Picnic

Pune is becoming one of the hottest spots for tourist, and, for this reason people are rushing towards the beauty so that all can explore the scenic beauty. Pune is gifted with a scenic beauty with many gateways along with different hill stations, sandwiched between the Ghats.

  1. Pawna Lake: Pawna Lake is an artificial lake and is shaped like the water of a dam y its similar name. This is situated very close to Lonavala in Maharashtra, this lake is situated at the lap of a beautiful and magnificent lake which charms the goals of Maharashtra. This lake is located at a distance of 60.9 km far from Pune. Plan complete Pune Travel package available with Yatra Offers online.
  2. Kambre: Kambre is situated around 74 km away from Pune. This is present near the natural beauty as this allows to attract thousands of people from the metropolitan city. Camps are set near this place with a vast land with a plethora of activities which welcomes all the people with utmost love and even happiness.
  3. Lonavala: this is one of the hill station situated near Pune. Lonavala mainly lies on the Sahyadri Ranges on the Deccan Plateau. This is located around a distance of 64 km from the main city and 96 km from Mumbai. This is one of the gorgeous hill stations which must be visited by all.Lonavala
  4. Rajmachi: this is a quaint village as this fetches one of the best views when this place is visited during monsoon. This place is located around 78 km from the city. However, the fort present here is the main attraction to all the tourists.
  5. Wai: while visiting Wai, one can witness the enchanting beauty of Krishna River which flows through the pictorial hills and the valleys. This is almost 89km from Pune, this gives a magnificent sight to all the nature lovers. Wai actually makes a scenic beauty and also acts one of the favourite holiday spots to all the tourist lovers.
  6. Maval Takve Lake: this is located somewhere near the western part of Pune, Maval boasts about being one of the most stunning biodiversity. This place is also embraced by captivating Sahyadri Ranges of the Western Ghats.
  7. Durshet: Durshet serves as an idyllic destination for all the picnic lovers. This is located around 98 km from Pune. This is forest range in Sahyadri Mountains which is home to the gurgling of the Amba River which hosts a number of delighting activities such as swimming, boating as well as other things to attract the tourists.
  8. Lavasa: Lavasa is located around 57km from the Pune city. This is the first private planned city present in India to those nature lovers.Lavasa
  9. Khandala: Khandala is a hill station to Lonavala as this fetches the most beautiful place so that this can be visited near Pune. This is mainly located 69 km from the main city. This creates an allurement to attract the attention of the Hindi Film Industry. You can take cab via booking through any ride hailing app for outstation from Pune which is very economical through Uber Promo Codes.
  10. Kamshet: Kamshet is a destination which is visited by almost all the different types of travelers. Kamshet is cossetted by various scenic beauty with small villages. This makes an ideal destination so that all can participate and can also experience their best staying on the farm.
  11. Nashik: Nashik is mainly known as the Wine Capital of India. This is one of the historic city which has been ruling this place since several dynasties before this fell into the hands of the British rule.
  12. Mahabaleshwar: Mahabaleshwar is a sloping station which is situated in the Western Ghats. This is mainly located for its spellbound excellence and also helps in cultivating strawberries. This city mainly includes antiquated temples, schools, manicured as well as valleys. Mahabaleshwar is known as strawberry garden and honey.Mahabaleshwar
  13. Panchgani: Panchgani serves as an ideal place to serve as one of the best scenarios for several activities in Pune.
  14. Revdanda Beach: Revdanda Beach is situated near Alibaug which proves to be an ideal destination. This beach is located around 154 km from Pune and a distance of 125 km from Mumbai.
  15. Satara: Satara is one of the ancient city of Maharashtra. This mainly established during the span of 16th century. This city is also attractive to the people and is regarded as the center of attraction to all the people.

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