“When you’re tensed and you know it, what to do?”

“When you’re happy and you know it, clap your hands,

When you’re happy and you know it and you really want to show it, clap your hands”

Okay, so being happy you know what to do but what if you are tensed. What now? What to do if you are tensed and you just can’t help it. Well there comes the big question that is often misinterpreted by each one of us. Mode of handling stress varies according to people, age, community, etc. Here I am going to share my top 5 tested and proved ways of handling stress.


  1. Talk it out. : A ‘Med-student’’s life always becomes a lot more stressful before exams. Too much syllabus, too much pressure, less time, too many regrets and guilts. The one thing I have learnt in these 3.5 yrs of Med-school is that, the best way is to talk it out with someone close. Be it your friends with whom you can just ‘same pinch’ your dreads about upcoming exams or your parents that are always on a comforting side and sometimes, on a sarcastic side too. But yeah, you need to have more than a few people to share with because trust me, if you are a person like me with too much drama and petty beliefs, there are high chances that just one person cannot listen to your entire dramatics in his/her good health. 😉
  2. Write it down: okay, so now by talking a lot, chances are that either you ended up causing massive psychological distress or a brain infarct in that poor soul. No worries. The pen and paper comes to your rescue. Be it all your confusing matters, random irritating thoughts or your terrible anger towards someone, you can just pen it down or type it out. You know by that you can actually figure out what you are thinking or what you want to think. The fate of that note depends on you, whether you want to flush it down the toilet, burn it out or tear it into a zillion pieces and let the wind take it away. It feels a lot more satisfying than it sounds. Yeah, kinda childish but haven’t you seen ‘Jab we met’, it does work wonders, peeps.
  3. Eat: Well, what if you are not the writing type because it takes too much effort or its like a whole ‘confrontation with your feelings’ crap type. That’s why, we the lazy ones have the amazing mouth watering dishes to our delight. You can go on an eating spree, order your favourite sea-food, biryani or paneer tikka. The stress part would just roll away from your mind. The best food to fight stress ultimately remains chocolate. Scientifically proven, chocolate releases the endorphins that would make you feel better. What you waiting for, explore the darkest flavor and let it wash away your worries, be it temporary atleast.
  4. Music: okay so you don’t want to end up adding extra calories to your routine. Too much fitness freak you are. We have another option. Music. Oh yeah, now I have your attention. Just plug in your earphones/headphones, and let the ipod shuffle onto your favourite playlist. Just increase the volume and forget the world; that’s the time when each lyrics would mean totally different to you making you lose yourself to the delirious tone.
  5. Sleep: Drumrolls, people. Saving the best for the last. Too much of thoughts crawling your mind, too much syllabus or laundry work, taking a nap is always the first choice in the list. I call it the ‘stress hibernation’. Waking up after the nap like a vampire not knowing which century you are in, that’s completely
    different issue.543694_10150870879401840_1369489523_n



P.S.-The above top 5 list are completely personalized in a humorous tone and not at all researched or proven in any journal. If you agree, do give a thumps up and if not, feel free to share your list of dealing with stress in the comments below. Any effort is appreciated.

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