Manipal Campus

Which Manipal?

This Article was written as a Guest Post by Colonel K Thammayya Udupa (Retired) An acquaintance once accosted me, “Whenever you are asked where you belong to, you always mention Udupi-Manipal. I have been there. They are not one place.


‘Ek Ghanta’ By Kartik Sadvij

On April 1, Kartik Sadjiv disappointed Manipalites. His friends and fans were truely disheartened by him. You ask why? It was because he pranked them by spreading a fake news that Russell Peters is coming to Manipal! Now, what could

Manipal Campus

The MAHE Library

A state-of-the-art facility that provides every resource available for its students to gain mastery over their field of interest. With its unparalleled choice of books and research work, it can serve as a means to allows young minds to explore

Art & Literature


For those who don’t know, HUES is an annual cultural week of MCODS, Manipal usually held in the month of March. All kinds of events from singing, acting, dancing to cooking are held in a short span of 6 days.

Manipal Campus

Reliving Tarang – I Am and I Will

With the theme, I Am and I Will, on the occasion of World Cancer Day, the Volunteer Services Organization of MAHE, held it’s annual kite flying festival, Tarang!

With lots of fun games, and activities, performances to soothe the soul and awareness stalls to raise awareness about Cancer to compliment the fun kite flying events bookended by food to savour, Tarang 2019 was a big hit drawing the highest attendance ever! brings you Tarang’s Official Aftermovie!