Can I give you a place too?

The cheerful faces in the brown of sunflower,
The sky high lights from the sky scraper tower.
The window in my heart singing a lyre,
The faith in me, so strong,and my desire,

To reach a place filled with laughter and happiness,
To reach a haunt, that doesn’t make me regret,
Of my faults, or of my calm quietness,
Why can’t I shout or laugh amongst people’s faces?

My fingers and the pen are so very best friends,
But my voice and my heart are so distant.

My eyes try to speak but my lids go down,
As I have only words, in which you can drown.

It is no word that I can speak to you freely.
It is no letter, that I can elaborate to you deeply.
It is no wink, that I can give to you shamelessly.
It is only my poem, that I write when I feel lonely.

Lonely or happily, is not the matter of concern,
Shyness or boastfulness is something I can’t stand,
As in my world, I give place to only a few,
And I now ask you, can I gve you place too???

About the author: Ramita Mukherjee is a first year MBBS student at KMC, Mangalore.

Edited by: Manognya Chekragari

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