The Good and the Bad Airlines

Which are the best and the Worst Airlines in the world?
Which one you like?
Which are the best and the Worst Airlines in the world?
Which one you like?

Manipal can boast of a very young and vibrant population. They are all young smart students who are ambitious and adventurous and will sure travel abroad in future.

While we discuss international travels, a question that invariably pops up is which “Is the best and the worst Airlines. This could be a very subjective issue. After all every opinion is based on individual experiences and perceptions. The best example I can give about perception is our national carrier, ‘Air India’. We read so much criticism about it that it never occurred to me to travel in it. But once I did, I was amazed. It was a classic airline destroyed by a non accountable and corrupt bureaucracy.

The interiors were amazing, the food was delicious and the drinks ample. The airhostess was very polite. I would have rated it as the best if I had another experience to back my claim. Sadly that was the only time I flew. I was so overwhelmed that I even wrote a post in my blog.

Now coming to my best and the worst airlines. What would be the criteria for choosing an airline as good or bad? I did it based on the interiors, seating comfort, food and customer service.

I would rate ‘Emirates’ as the best airline. The interiors are pleasant, the stewards and Airhostesses are selected from various nationalities so that every national is comfortable. The entertainment channels are many and varied. A lot of creativity is shown in the selection of food and the presentation. Definitely the best of the best. You can find discounts by using an Emirates discount code offered by Groupon.

The next would be virgin airlines. This British airlines has amazing space between two seats. It is a bit expensive like the British Airways, but worth it.

My third and the favorite one was KLM. I use the past tense because they have now discontinued their service from Hyderabad.I have traveled the most in it. Apart from the other things, this airline has some of the finest air staff and the other attraction is that the connecting flight is from Schipol Airport, Amsterdam, my favorite airport. I hate going the La Guardia , Paris and Heathrow Airport, London way. The airports are not very modern. In Paris, there is no aerobridge connection and the bus ferry can be pretty tiring.

I traveled by the AirFrance only once and loved it. I have a very touching experience to share. While returning from India, I had to reschedule my itinerary as my mother had expired. On hearing this the lady at the counter rescheduled it without charging me a penalty. It is this human touch, which made it a great airlines in my book.But unfortunately all the flights go via Paris, my least favorite airport.

Lufthansa is one good airline. Majority of the Indians prefer it to other airlines. So it is about personal tastes. I would still vouch for KLM.

Among the Asian airlines, I would rate the Thai Airways as the best. Though I have always traveled only to Bangkok which is hardly four hours, but they score high on Hospitality and their sea food menu is amazing if you are partial to the thai food.

Now comes the tricky part. The worst airlines. I would without hesitation say most of the American airlines. The food is insipid. The drinks have to be purchased at prohibitive prices and the Air Hostesses are very indifferent. Kenyan Airlines also leaves a lot to be desired. I wasn’t much impressed with Malaysian or Singapore Airlines. But then why fly in them?

Sometimes, beggars can’t be choosers. Need I say more!


  1. American Airlines is one of the worst.  I agree with Emirates.  Though you’ve not mentioned Jet Airways International.  I loved it. The service / food / seating was quite good.  I was really happy with it.  BA is always a decent flight, so is AF. Alitalia is useless, it feels like a getto set when you’re in it. Even Areoflot wasn’t bad BUT the 8 hour wait’s in between in a really bad airport in Moscow killed it. 

    • Kanwar,
      not just American Airlines, Most of the american airlines are terrible. haven’t been to russia so no idea about aeroflot. ditto Jet airways. 

  2. While I’ve not travelled abroad as yet, the few airlines I’ve travelled
    on within India, have left me with very fw good memories about airlines.
    Hence choosing a good or a bad airline is just the same for me 🙁

    • Well Vishaal,
      when you are traveling inside India, the time isn’t much. but when you have to travel 20 hrs, then it does make a difference. 

  3. I spent hellish 4 weeks in India 10 yrs ago. I flew about 10 segments
    all over India. The planes were new 737s BUT front lavatory stunk
    really bad. I can just imagine how bad it is in coach bathrooms.

    • Well ObaMao,
      Things have changed a lot in the last 10 yrs. I would like to welcome you now to try once again. we have world class facilities now. 

  4. Sadly my personal experiences dont match

    Have flown Air India 4 times ( DEL-BLR-IXE roundtrip )

    IN 3 of the 4 flights, the aircraft was in terrible condition, with a few panels held up by tape

    Food quality was simply BAD, toilets were not clean

    Air hostesses were rude or worse (one of them actually told me not to disturb her again when I went to ask for water!!!! : She said it was their “Break time”)

    Have experienced Jet, Kingfisher, Go Air, Indigo and Spicejet on different legs of the same route


    Jet and Kingfisher are similar :
    Jet if you like a clean, professional, no nonsense experience
    Kingfisher if you like a bit more “Bling”

    Indigo is almost as good as Jet, baggage handling could be better. Not really an issue since its a LCC

    Goair and SpiceJet: Nothing great, but get you from A to B without any fuss

    • Well that is the reason I left out Air India out of any comparisons. One trip isnt enough. indigo liked your comment lol

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