I Wanna

i want to be copy

I wanna walk on the grass so green,
I wanna feel the sky spic clean,
I wanna stop the time and relax,
I wanna eraze all my life’s blacks,
I wanna sleep on mumma’s lap
I wanna feel my dad’s gentle tap,
I wanna feel the warmth of the sun,

I wanna leave everything behind and run,
I wanna laugh till my stomach hurts bad,
I wanna hug my friends when I am sad,
I wanna eat like a bloody hog,
I wanna jump like a silly frog,
I wanna have the long night chats,
I wanna be again the school’s brat,
I wanna bug all my friends,
I wanna wear clothes of the latest trend,
I wanna have a mud slide battle,
I wanna be wid grandpa n tend the cattle,
Looking at it, all I can see
I wanna change time and just be ME!!!

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