The Search – Dipasha Mukherjee

the journey seemed endless
the roads too long

Black and White Picture

the sorrow painful
but i had to move on
for i had to find something
something i couldn’t define
i had to find this one little place inside me i could call mine
there was this ache i couldn’t explain
there was this ache that i tried to find
it trapped me in chains of my own despair
i tried to reliquish its hold on me but it was still there
i tried to run and i tried to hide
i tried to find that one face who i could call mine
as i ran desperately through the corridors of life
i lost my way there in time
i searched and searched but failed to find
the lost highway which would take me back in time
to those sweet memories that drifted away
yes id lost my way
and the tears i shed were all that i could call i my own
i stood there forlorn
parched,frayed,tattered beyond repair
love was the answer to my prayer
but all i could see was this emptiness inside
a part of me had died
and i thought i’d never be whole again
thus i walked on in my pain
i walked and walked till i could move no more
those familiar corridors echoed their memories in my ears
the footfalls made me turn back again
there was something that in those echoes that eased my pain
and then i saw your eyes looking at me
not a trace of anger or hate
their warmth touched my very soul
i cried and ran into your arms again
for alas i could see my follies and mistakes
my desperation couldn’t make me see
the shelter i looked for was there beside me
and i turned my face to the love that had been there
through those journeys,lost highways and pitfalls
it was you who kept me strong
it was you who kept me going
you are my end and my beginning
i have found a love to call my own
i have found my shelter,my home
as i look into your eyes my hurt and pain wash away
i know this feeling is there to stay

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