The bee or mosquito? As you like it.

                            May you live in interesting times.

Hence goes a chinese proverb. It has not been long since we actually came back to Manipal for the second semester, but the world seems to have taken a paradigm shift in the few weeks that have flew by, personally, academically, holistically. The times of sitting around in a state of non-doing, pondering over the tiny little nuances of life are now passe. Clubs have been extracting milk out of their volunteers ( read as ‘death is your last name’) Yes, I have been terribly busy in the past few weeks. Dinner has become a rarity. Sleep is a long lost friend. Data entry, mascot making, infodesk manning (“kiosk” as some want to call it) are spelling out the word ‘fatigue’. 
In short, living life has become like climbing Penerose stairs- they never seem to stop, but this semester, everything seems more different, everything seems more longed for, everything seems more RIGHT.
There is a new found purpose in the fast flowing string of events.Working for clubs have been an amicable way of making new friends, of learning how to organise an event, of knowing what actually happens behind the scenes.

It’s not so much how busy you are, but why you are busy.The bee is praised. The mosquito is swatted.

               In a nutshell- FUN has been an inseparable part of all this hungama. Be it, the late night outs with friends, the CC(coordination committee) meetings ,the CCD meetings, a sense of contentment always keeps me up saying, the more the pain/effort the sweeter the joy. Being busy gives me a queer and inexplicable satisfaction which I would never have found in idling my life to glory. (Or banging my head in the wall, to say the least)


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