Oblivion – The Murder

Murder by a Righteous State

You have taken your last meal.

And now, head shaven, dressed in a loose shirt and pants, without shoes, you are ready to take your last walk down the carpeted corridor to the little green room. The large door is opened and you stare in at two cold chairs marked A and B. Again the guard tugs at your arm as he slowly walks you to the chair marked B.

Even as you sit down he quickly straps your ankles, and then, with cold unconcern, he straps your wrists and then places the pneumograph band across your chest. You glance down at the bucket that you know is filled with acid, perhaps to reassure yourself that this isn’t real. As you look up and see the round handle of the large door being turned, you know that they are locking it. It is real. You now take your last glance; the walls are bare, broken only by the intermittent portholes through which stare your accusers. They press closer to the ports, and you now hear a splash.


You have become another victim of a most heinous crime; you have been murdered by the righteous state.
And society shall rejoice because you have atoned for your sin.


  1. @Tanmay: What is anti-social? Who determines good and bad? Isn't it the social setup? Why do so many of the corrupt go scot-free even after they are caught? While those few, who do one small mistake are thrown into oblivion because they do not have a social godfather?

  2. Who am I to judge another
    When I walk imperfectly?
    In the quiet heart is hidden
    Sorrow that the eye can’t see.
    Who am I to judge another?
    Lord, I would follow thee.

    (“Lord, I Would Follow Thee,” Hymns, no. 220)

  3. @Tanmay: Please do not think that this article justifies heinous crimes. This is just a thought of how we as human beings are quick to brand another as wrong or right! Many times I hear judgement being passed on a colleague of mine and because of my experience I decide to have an open mind about the person. Usually I am surprised because the person can be very different and capable of exceeding expectations.

  4. Books have been written on dis topic…the conclusion I reach is that all of us cannot be the kings, some have to be the slaves…if it is social inequality then yes it is but then it is! People who are different frm the others in a society are either adored or else shooed off..that is d human nature..we cnt change d genetic code..

  5. You need to make judgments of people in many of your important decisions, such as choosing friends, voting for government leaders, and choosing an eternal companion. Judgment is an important use of your agency and requires great care, especially when you make judgments about other people. All your judgments must be guided by righteous standards. Remember that only God, who knows each individual’s heart, can make final judgments of individuals.

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