The Changing Times .. . ..

I often wonder how time-dependent our lives are, more like each of us are ‘prisoners of time.’ So this is my tribute to the ‘one’ who can do so much……..
Time they say is a healer. As life lashes upon us many a morose manifestation, when you feel trapped in the sands of time; standing defenseless against the winds of turmoil, they say that time is best healer. It is at times like these that we so often hear the adage, “give it time, this shall pass”. Time is that soothening balm that can heal & mend the deepest of wounds like no other.
Well, time can be a destroyer too. For it takes just split seconds where all that you hold dear to you can be lost & the world which was so perfect can be irreparably & irreversibly changed. I’ve experienced this change, when the hands of time ticked for the very last time in a loved one’s life & before I knew it, I had suffered her loss. A year later, I look back on the precious moments we shared, for it is these cherished moments that emboldens me to face the uncertain future I realize now that a short time spent with people like these, is more precious than a life time without.
Time can also nurture and mould with great patience and steer life in a direction that you would never imagine.

When I left home to join college, my heart was filled with apprehension for the kind of people I would encounter here. Today, when I look back on the relationships made, I can see the hands of time, slowly but steadily moulding each relationship to entwine in the beautiful cords of trust & love. A chance meeting on the first day I arrived here, gave me some beautiful people in my life – my friends. I stand amazed at how a simple acquaintance, a few months later transformed into a relationship that I cherish – it brought a peaceful assurance that all is not lost yet.
I firmly believe that each one passing my life has been instituted to do so & none to be regretted , just some beautiful & other beautiful mistakes. I don’t know where life leads us from here, so I wish them joy & happiness, but above all things I wish them ‘LOVE’.
I’ve learnt may be a little before my time, to permit the winds of time to blow over my life. The direction has not always been favourable but it has been a wealth of experience. I earnestly hope that as the ‘winds of change’ blow over our lives; we would be caused to traverse uncharted seas; only to reach newer & glorious horizons.
So I conclude with the words of the ‘Righteous brothers’
“……and time goes by, so slowly , and time can do so much.”

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